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24-May-13 5:40pm 237 Finished epilogue. Done with this draft! 93,814
22-May-13 12:03pm 886 Finished Chapter 29, started on Epilogue 93,577
20-May-13 12:34pm 186 More work on Chapter 29 interrupted by some research 92,691
17-May-13 8:36am 236 A little more in Chapter 29 and epilogue. 92,505
15-May-13 12:09pm 457 Finished Chapter 28, well into 29. 92,269
13-May-13 11:04am 36 More work on Chapter 28 91,812
10-May-13 12:35pm 878 More work refining Chapter 28 91,776
7-May-13 2:24pm 27 A quick idea added to Chapter 28 90,898
6-May-13 12:01pm 259 More refinement to Chapter 28 90,871
5-May-13 8:12am 2,261 Roughed out to the end on writers' retreat 90,612
1-May-13 11:50am 268 Roughing out Chapter 28 88,351
29-Apr-13 11:35am 139 Finished Ch27--finally! 88,083
26-Apr-13 11:57am 106 More work on Chapter 27. What a bear of a scene--but I think I have it close now. One more scene to go. 87,944
24-Apr-13 12:02pm 244 Continued work on Chapter 27 87,838
19-Apr-13 12:05pm 188 Refining Chapter 27 87,594
18-Apr-13 12:07pm 337 Finished roughing out Ch27 (will have to go back and rework) and started roughing out beginning of Ch28. 87,406
17-Apr-13 12:12pm 344 More work on Chapter 27 87,069
15-Apr-13 12:35pm 617 More work on Chapter 27 86,725
10-Apr-13 11:43am 81 Changes to end of Chapter 26, more changes to 27 86,108
8-Apr-13 11:09am 1,908 More work on Chapter 27 86,027
25-Mar-13 11:19am 113 Not much time to write today--or this week for that matter--but trying to do a little. Did some refining of the end of Chapter 26. 84,119
20-Mar-13 11:35am 386 More work back on Chapter 26, roughed out beginning of Chapter 27 84,006
18-Mar-13 11:37am 236 Finished Chapter 26 83,620
15-Mar-13 12:04pm 445 More progress on Chapter 26 83,384
13-Mar-13 12:09pm 872 More progress on Chapter 26 82,939
11-Mar-13 12:01pm 552 Work on beginning of Chapter 26 82,067
8-Mar-13 8:52am 285 Finished Chapter 25, starting 26. 81,515
6-Mar-13 11:31am 174 More work on Chapter 25, nearly done 81,230
1-Mar-13 11:10am 468 More work on Chapter 25 - nearly done. 81,056
27-Feb-13 11:54am 483 More work on Chapter 25 80,588
26-Feb-13 4:06am 100 More tinkering with first scene in Chapter 25 80,105
25-Feb-13 11:42am 1,449 Good start on Chapter 25 80,005
24-Feb-13 11:43am 0 Oops messed up entry
22-Feb-13 8:25am 203 Long period of editing with no wordcount but I'm finally on to new material. Just finished Chapter 24. Onward and upward! 78,556
16-Jan-13 12:11pm 194 More significant edits to Chapters 14 and 15. Feels good. 78,353
14-Jan-13 11:37am 242 Line edited through Chapter 13 78,159
11-Jan-13 11:40am 7 Line edits on Chapter 8 77,917
10-Jan-13 12:42pm 3 Line edits on Chapters 6 and 7 77,910
9-Jan-13 10:04am 31 Line edited through Chapter 5 77,907
7-Jan-13 12:10pm 2 After break due to holiday plus persistent flu, going back to read through from the beginning again. Ugh, hate losing momentum like this. Completed a minor line edit of Chapter 1. 77,876
19-Dec-12 10:57am 208 Line editing Chapters 5 through 9 77,874
13-Dec-12 12:14pm 95 Finished line edits of Chapter 4, started Chapter 5 77,666
12-Dec-12 11:46am 245 Completed line edits on Chapters 2 and 3 77,571
11-Dec-12 12:46pm 18 Was sick for a while, then made printout and did a read through/line edit to reconnect with the story. Chapter 1 line edits incorporated. 77,326
26-Nov-12 12:04pm 777 Getting back to it after being sick, heavy going but it's a start 77,308
13-Nov-12 6:21am 33 Edits on what I'd written in Chapter 24, a little new progress. Feeling very slow and painful--sometimes it's so hard to start writing after a break. 76,531
12-Nov-12 1:49pm 127 76,498
8-Nov-12 5:55am 423 Further progress on Chapter 24 76,371
6-Nov-12 6:08am 85 More work on Chapters 23 and 24 75,948
26-Oct-12 6:20am 176 Finally moving on to new material, Chapter 24 75,863
22-Oct-12 6:04am 16 Started back after break due to major family business, NJRW with a light edit of the previously written scene 75,687
26-Sep-12 6:19am 46 Editing of scene entered yesterday, some more work still to be done 75,671
25-Sep-12 6:07am 859 Brought in a chunk from previous draft but it still needs some editing. 75,625
21-Sep-12 10:57am 189 Cleaned up big scene from yesterday 74,766
20-Sep-12 6:04am 996 Good session 74,577
19-Sep-12 6:00am 301 Skipped yesterday--too short on sleep. 7 hours last night and an OK session today. Need to work on this sleep thing. 73,581
17-Sep-12 6:09am 103 It took way too much chocolate for me to get going this morning. But started Chapter 23. 73,280
12-Sep-12 9:10am 393 First fresh writing after long break (sinus infection, home improvements, college visits). Not bad. 73,177
11-Sep-12 7:07am -9 Edited Chapter 22, wordcount down a little due to pruning. 72,784
2-Aug-12 5:56am 86 Mostly editing today 72,793
1-Aug-12 6:41am 106 Mostly research today 72,707
31-Jul-12 6:05am 128 At the end of the session realized some more stuff I want to research. Need. More. Time. 72,601
30-Jul-12 6:04am 360 Pretty good session. Lost time last week due to painters in the house, A/C probably next week, keep chugging whenever possible 72,473
30-Jul-12 4:55am 0 Correction from earlier entry--somehow put in 43 as total word count versus new words 72,113
25-Jul-12 10:00pm 43 Not a lot of wordcount but some good revisions 72,113
25-Jul-12 6:03am 95 Not a lot of wordcount due to some editing but good work done. 72,070
24-Jul-12 6:30am 260 Feeling hot and cranky today--want A/C! But got a little done. 71,975
23-Jul-12 5:58am 451 Not bad, hoping to continue momentum through the week. 71,715
20-Jul-12 6:43am 139 Another good session 71,264
18-Jul-12 10:00pm -406 Correction--wrong wordcount added previously 71,125
18-Jul-12 10:00pm 616 Excellent session--need more of these! 71,531
17-Jul-12 5:15am 406 A good early morning session. This week is tough for scheduling (too many appointments) but I will keep trying to find pockets for writing. 70,915
16-Jul-12 9:27am 376 Back to work after vacation, house guests, car and appliance woes. Feels good to be writing again! 70,509
25-Jun-12 9:03am 249 Last week was tough due to heat wave and end of school stuff. Today a little better again. 70,133
20-Jun-12 6:35am 455 At last a slightly longer session. Feel good about additional development I'm doing in Chapter 21. 69,884
19-Jun-12 6:18am 81 Another horribly busy day...want more writing time! 69,429
18-Jun-12 12:27pm 105 Reminding myself that a half hour of writing is better than none... 69,348
15-Jun-12 6:11am 201 Had to deliver a folder to the middle school, so missed writing yesterday. Grrr... Short session today. Summer has to be better. 69,243
13-Jun-12 6:26am 113 Yesterday dealing with car trouble and disability insurance issues (those still ongoing). Blech! Kills my writing time. 69,042
11-Jun-12 6:12am 269 Mondays are too busy! 68,929
8-Jun-12 9:17am 1,113 Longer session today with husband out of town. 68,660
7-Jun-12 7:15am 777 Honestly, this is today's wordcount. Maybe a good omen. :) 67,547
6-Jun-12 7:17am 189 Split end of Chapter 20 off into start of Chapter 21, made some refinements. 66,770
5-Jun-12 6:20am 85 Short session today but improvements to Chapter 19 and a little further on Chapter 20 66,581
4-Jun-12 12:09pm 412 Refining Chapters 18 through 20 66,496
1-Jun-12 6:12am 96 Finished a scene and like it. Hope to get more productive wordcount-wise next week. 66,084
31-May-12 6:08am 119 Yesterday shot due to a missed schoolbus; today a little more refinement on Chapter 20. It feels like it's taking forever but this is a major turning point in the romance and I do want to get it right! 65,988
29-May-12 6:17am 348 Good session, some new ideas for Chapter 20 65,869
25-May-12 12:26pm 293 Errands and minor issues and missed schoolbuses conspiring against me this week, but I finally got a little time in again. Hoping for better luck next week. 65,521
21-May-12 6:08am 110 More research along with continued work on the landing scene 65,228
18-May-12 11:10am 151 Filling in more details about ballooning. 65,118
17-May-12 6:03am 245 Good progress on figuring out descent and landing, along with emotional impact. 64,967
16-May-12 11:40am 62 Still researching landing and othe ballooning details. 64,722
15-May-12 6:20am 127 Most of this session spent researching descent and landing of a hydrogen balloon. 64,660
11-May-12 6:15am 276 More work on Chapter 20, also spent some time researching how to land a hydrogen balloon. 64,533
10-May-12 12:35pm 12 These 12 words are all I can count for the past three days, which I spent reflowing Chapter 20 so the emotions worked better. Ah well... 64,257
7-May-12 12:33pm 64 Spent most of today's session restructuring Chapter 20, right stuff happening, wrong order. 64,245
4-May-12 11:47am 316 Liking how the story is going. And got at least a short session in every day this week, despite LIFE. :) 64,181
3-May-12 6:16am 245 Some editing, a little work forward. 63,865
2-May-12 8:53am 283 Not a lot of time to write but I felt I used it well. 63,620
1-May-12 6:14am 379 Not a lot of time but some good work done again. Trying to keep the habit of writing daily. 63,337
30-Apr-12 11:25am 147 Not much time to work today, catching up after being away for three days. But committed to trying to get in at least a short session every day. 62,958
29-Apr-12 11:59am 2,377 Another fantastic writing retreat day. :) 62,811
28-Apr-12 4:43pm 2,418 Writing retreat--making good progress! 60,434
28-Apr-12 3:52am 508 Just arrived at writers' retreat, getting back into it after a break due to family issues. 58,016
19-Apr-12 6:08am 40 Missed a week due to travel and family obligations. Now I'm re-editing what was Chapter 16 and is now 16 and 17. Very happy with them and also happy to be moving on! 57,508
4-Apr-12 11:57am 47 Some tough editing today, requiring much staring out of the window 57,468
3-Apr-12 6:04am 87 Not a lot of wordcount because I was editing, but I'm happy with the changes. Hope to finish edits on this section tomorrow and then get to new stuff. 57,421
2-Apr-12 12:06pm 8 No significant wordcount but I've redlined Chapter 16 and started making changes. 57,334
29-Mar-12 5:58am 363 The last two days riddled with appointments. Felt good to be writing again and I got to the end of Chapter 16. I know I still need to punch up the emotion so tomorrow I will be editing. 57,326
26-Mar-12 12:08pm 609 Pretty good session. Also jotted down some thoughts on the next scene. 56,963
23-Mar-12 9:55am 448 A pretty good session today but still not done with Chapter 16! Getting a bit long, I may need to reorganize. 56,354
22-Mar-12 6:04am 320 Three appointments yesterday; no writing time. Today a bit more work on the balloon launch, just focusing on getting the order of events and details right. I'll have to go back and get more emotion in later. 55,906
20-Mar-12 6:05am 189 Still doing a lot of research into ballooning details. 55,586
19-Mar-12 12:04pm 255 Not a lot of words but I'm writing about the preparations for filling and launching a hydrogen balloon (sounds like a crazy science experiment) and trying to get the fiddling details right. I'll have another excuse for slow progress tomorrow. :) 55,397
15-Mar-12 6:14am 186 Another pitifully short session but I fixed some problems with the scene anyway. 55,142
14-Mar-12 6:10am 139 Got interrupted so just a very quick session but I figure it is better to touch the work a little every day than skip entirely. 54,956
13-Mar-12 6:00am 571 No writing yesterday--too many appointments! A little more progress on Chapter 16 today. :) 54,817
6-Mar-12 5:34am 54,246 Wordcount when starting progress meter 54,246
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