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21-Mar-13 10:16am 1,203 Wrote "The End" to the first draft!!! I changed my "Goal" to match the WIP word count so it shows I'm done. ;) Next comes the editing... 51,463
19-Mar-13 5:47pm 1,341 Passed the 50K mark!!! A good night. :) I wrote a tiny bit after last night's #1k1hr, then got 1,210 words in today's fun #1k1hr! 50,260
18-Mar-13 6:57pm 724 #1k1hr with R. Brock Olson and Krissi Dallas (for half of the time). Wrapping up the final scenes - almost to 50K! 48,919
17-Mar-13 6:35pm 256 A partial #1k1hr - some additional writing after the first #1k1hr to finish the scene/chapter. 48,195
17-Mar-13 6:02pm 595 Most of a #1k1hr with Krissi and Gale. :) 47,939
16-Mar-13 8:37pm 627 A #1k1hr (interrupted by Chinese food) and a little writing after. :) 47,344
15-Mar-13 6:25pm 1,855 Two #1k1hrs in a row with Krissi Dallas, Gale Ryan, and a couple of others (the second time). So excited about the added words! As I'm nearing the end, the words are starting to flow... :) 46,717
13-Mar-13 12:06pm 874 Enter the climax. 44,862
12-Mar-13 5:05pm 656 43,988
11-Mar-13 9:36pm 1,121 Total from an attempted #1k1hr that was interrupted by dinner and an after-dinner #1k1hr. Building up to the climax! 43,332
10-Mar-13 12:23pm 1,285 Got about 800 words during a #1k1hr with Dawn Alexander, then went on to finish the scene. :) 42,211
9-Mar-13 5:15pm 857 A little Saturday afternoon writing. :) A scene that surprised me! 40,926
8-Mar-13 8:03pm 803 #1k1hr with Gale Ryan - didn't make 1,000, but I've now passed 40,000 words total! 40,069
7-Mar-13 2:40pm 970 The group's all together again, and I've started on a fun scene. Please tell me they would have known the Virginia Reel! ;) 39,266
6-Mar-13 5:06pm 901 #1k1hr with Krissi Dallas and a couple of other writers. Got about 900 words. :) Finally started another scene from Myghal's POV! 38,296
5-Mar-13 12:05pm 951 Did a #1k1hr on my own this morning, finishing a scene and adding one new one before closing Chapter 20. 37,395
4-Mar-13 8:30pm 0 Had to fix my mistake so the meter looks the way it's supposed to. :) 36,444
4-Mar-13 7:04pm 1,022 I did it! Wrote a little over 1,000 words for the last #1k1hr of the day! Didn't meet up with @rbrockolson, but still got some writing done! :) 36,444
4-Mar-13 5:08pm 799 #1k1hr with several people, including Krissi Dallas and Gale Ryan. :) Didn't quite make 1,000 words, but I've got another #1k1hr scheduled today! 35,422
3-Mar-13 5:25pm 1,738 I challenged myself to write 30,000 - 40,000 words for Speedbo 2013 (March 1-31). Hoping to finish the first draft of BH! I'm off to kind of a late start, but I did get some writing done today. :) 34,623
4-Jan-13 5:12pm 1,042 Finished a chapter and decided to end Part II. It might be kind of early for that, but it feels like a good place. 32,885
2-Jan-13 4:01pm 1,109 First writing session of 2013! So much darkness and sadness in these latest scenes... Like Thomas Kinkade discussed in one of his books, may all these layers of darkness that are painted make the brightness shine even clearer. 31,843
29-Oct-12 12:32am 1,055 30,734
12-Oct-12 1:45am 1,198 29,679
11-Oct-12 2:44pm 737 I'm working up to some difficult scenes. Not sure if I'm ready for them... Can I really do this to my characters?? 28,481
8-Oct-12 7:07pm 1,176 Oh, dear Joe and Myghal... I'm grateful for the #wordwars and the motivation chat on the #writersroad on Twitter tonight. :) 27,744
7-Oct-12 5:39pm 642 Getting a little bit of writing done today. :) Yay for Myghal! 26,568
7-Oct-12 3:27pm 831 The situation went from bad to worse...! 25,926
2-Sep-12 2:24pm 733 Tried a #1K1HR... Finished a chapter and decided to stop there for the moment. The villain is back and wreaking havoc! 25,095
27-Aug-12 8:18pm 1,360 Did a #wordwar with Krissi Dallas and Lissajean7 on Twitter (TweetChat). Got 1, 262 words in about an hour - I'm quite pleased! Grateful for the motivation. :)

Poor Sally and Joe are really having a rough time...
31-May-12 8:30pm 353 Writing before the fourth campfire at Camp Humility. :) 23,002
26-May-12 6:54pm 731 Participated in a #wordwar with Allison Duke and Krissi Dallas. First scene from Myghal's POV! 22,649
21-May-12 4:09pm 815 21,918
31-Mar-12 12:27pm 205 Found verses in Lamentations that fit the story beautifully. Decided to divide the story into 3 parts, so now I know where to go next - beginning part 2! 21,103
13-Mar-12 3:55pm 185 Where do we go from here? 20,898
11-Mar-12 9:46pm 655 One short, pivotal scene. Every little bit counts! 20,713
9-Mar-12 5:32pm 903 One more #1K1Hr... Not as many words as the one earlier today, but I'm over 20,000 total now! 20,058
9-Mar-12 10:53am 1,016 Tried for #1K1Hr and made it!! Got a good start for Chapter 11! 19,155
5-Mar-12 6:34pm 1,598 Chapter 10 - beach setting for Sally's revelation. 18,139
4-Mar-12 2:53pm 915 A beautiful setting for this last scene - but lots of tension and hurting. Wonder where I should start the next scene? 16,541
4-Mar-12 12:29am 1,126 Completed another short "villain" scene, and now the trip to Oregon has begun. Stopped at a bit of a cliffhanger - hoping to get this part just right tomorrow! 15,626
1-Mar-12 8:46pm 1,000 About 1,000 words for the first day. I think some brainstorming/daydreaming might be the next best step! 14,500
29-Feb-12 12:36pm 13,500 SPEEDBO 2012 begins March 1st and goes through March 31st, and this is my beginning word count from previous work. 13,500
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This story is a shorter historical romance novel set in the American West in the 1880s. It is my hope to self-publish it Summer 2013. More info about my writing can be found at my personal blog (link above).