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22-Dec-13 12:56pm 4,194 haven't updated this in a while :P 24,679
8-Jul-13 11:59am 8,212 SORRY! I've been using writetrack ( for this instead!!! But this is how far I am :P 20,485
10-Mar-13 8:59pm 665 gonna put this on hold for a while. I tried to work on it all day and it was very stressful. oi. 12,273
8-Mar-13 10:00pm 39 lol stared at the screen for a long time willing myself to write and then wrote like two sentences yay IT COUNTS 11,608
4-Mar-13 4:26am -20,402 Took out all the stuff I wasn't going to use. I actually did this a while ago but I did it wrong. u_u; 11,569
3-Feb-13 10:00pm 225 sat outside in a chair while the puppies ran around and I find it's a lot easier to write out there. maybe I was more focused? IN THE MOOD? i dunno 31,971
31-Jan-13 10:00pm 366 worked on a new opening for anni during lunch 31,746
28-Jan-13 10:00pm 213 working on the beginning/Anita bath scene 31,380
26-Jan-13 10:00pm 10,292 (did it wrong and now I can't delete it) 31,167
11-Aug-12 10:47pm 4,079 I haven't updated this in a while. Here's my pathetic camp nano progress so far... XD 20,875
30-Jan-12 5:34am 16,796 What I have so far. :) 16,796
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