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6-Mar-12 1:19pm 4,184 And the first draft is FINISHED! YAAAAAAYY! 102,598
5-Mar-12 1:06pm 899 Sooo close! 98,414
5-Mar-12 6:42am 2,250 Only one chapter to go! 97,515
3-Mar-12 12:54pm 2,779 Only 4 scenes left to write for the first draft... 95,265
2-Mar-12 1:55pm 3,785 Oooh, so close to the end of the book! 92,486
1-Mar-12 2:14pm 2,672 Not bad, considering I spent from 9am - 4pm on plotting. So tired! 88,701
29-Feb-12 12:22pm 1,109 86,029
27-Feb-12 1:14pm 1,716 Blimey that was a hard scene to write. Glad that's done. 84,920
27-Feb-12 4:14am 1,089 83,204
26-Feb-12 4:22am 996 Stole an hour as the Bean played out in the sunshine :) 82,115
25-Feb-12 11:20am 2,503 81,119
24-Feb-12 12:28pm 1,371 78,616
23-Feb-12 12:46pm 760 Well that's a bit pants, but I'm absolutely exhausted from a day of organising signing events and going to Waterstones and doing scary things. Bleurgh. 77,245
22-Feb-12 12:25pm 2,844 Not bad, seeing as I'm juggling organising signing events for 20 Years Later at the moment! 76,485
21-Feb-12 2:19pm 2,267 73,641
20-Feb-12 12:57pm 2,778 Sorted out a bit that was really bothering me. Nice. 71,374
17-Feb-12 11:56am 3,349 Not bad, considering my wisdom tooth is killing me. 68,596
17-Feb-12 1:37am 3,613 This is a total of a couple of days when I forgot to update... 65,247
27-Jan-12 11:05am 3,538 Getting back into the flow of the book again now. Yay! 61,634
26-Jan-12 11:03am 1,482 Nice to be back after editing book 1. 58,096
20-Dec-11 11:14am 700 56,614
20-Dec-11 6:47am 1,041 Grrrr.... xmas... grrrr 55,914
16-Dec-11 9:34am 1,739 Rah! 54,873
16-Dec-11 5:36am 1,007 Not enough hours in the day. Cliched, but so true. 53,134
15-Dec-11 12:46pm 771 Worn out. 52,127
15-Dec-11 9:38am 944 Hungry! 51,356
15-Dec-11 8:27am 1,110 50,412
14-Dec-11 11:50am 1,502 A good day today. Officially. 49,302
14-Dec-11 9:15am 1,116 Writing the book in Scrivener now, I really like it :) 47,800
14-Dec-11 7:28am 1,734 The plot. It is thickening nicely... 46,684
13-Dec-11 3:18pm 2,704 Lots and lots of planning, this book is getting really quite complicated. I like a nice juicy plot though... 44,950
12-Dec-11 2:32pm 2,027 Happy with that, as I also wrote this week's story today, and was interview by a US radio show :) 42,246
10-Dec-11 1:34pm 2,055 This is a hard scene, but it's getting there... 40,219
9-Dec-11 2:31pm 1,056 38,164
9-Dec-11 10:26am 1,110 37,108
9-Dec-11 8:08am 1,021 35,998
7-Dec-11 8:13am 1,532 Not bad considering I had an appalling night's sleep. 34,977
5-Dec-11 1:49pm 866 20 Years Later launches tomorrow, it's been stealing some of my words... 33,445
5-Dec-11 6:37am 619 Gah! Have to go and collect the Bean... 32,579
5-Dec-11 4:53am 1,006 Juggling novel, story and book launch... 31,960
4-Dec-11 1:53pm 1,103 Had to write this week's story too, so more wordage than this in total today... 30,954
3-Dec-11 2:03pm 1,779 Grrr, xmas stuff is getting in the way, bah humbug! 29,851
3-Dec-11 4:07am 1,020 Chapter eight finished :o) 28,072
2-Dec-11 3:08pm 3,003 Five hours of book plotting, wasn't sure I'd reach a 1000 this evening, let alone 3000 :) Very happy with today's work. 27,052
2-Dec-11 3:38am 1,504 Good start to the day 24,049
1-Dec-11 2:39pm 361 Stuff came up. Grrrrr. 22,545
1-Dec-11 12:33pm 2,423 Hard, hard scene amongst those words. Took a little longer than I'd have liked. 22,184
30-Nov-11 3:38pm 4,007 Ooooops. Got a bit carried away there... 19,761
30-Nov-11 5:29am 1,249 Coo, look at all these plates spinning... 15,754
29-Nov-11 2:16pm 2,541 That photo shoot has put me behind... gradually caught up on other stuff, now can really get stuck into book tomorrow. 14,505
26-Nov-11 1:40pm 3,022 A couple of sprints rolled into one. Hard work today, still slightly sub-par from that bug I think. 11,964
26-Nov-11 7:48am 1,051 Writing quite a hard bit, that was a slow sprint. 8,942
25-Nov-11 1:39pm 1,550 Much better. 7,891
25-Nov-11 6:05am 2,510 That's better. Forgot to stop as I was in the middle of a scene... 6,341
24-Nov-11 10:15am 789 Back after awful vomiting bug laid me out for a couple of days. Still not 100% fit, but nice to get a few words down at least... 3,831
21-Nov-11 12:39pm 1,705 Less than I wanted on the MS - I wrote this week's story this morning, so that was another 1500 words, and am also coming down with a nausea bug (probably be sick soon). Boo. 3,042
19-Nov-11 1:35pm 1,337 It begins! Not bad, considering I've had a very long day driving for a family meet-up. 1,337
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