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29-Sep-08 8:02am 1,127 59,167
29-Sep-08 8:02am 807 58,040
29-Sep-08 8:02am 792 57,233
29-Sep-08 8:02am 681 56,441
29-Sep-08 8:02am 655 55,760
29-Sep-08 8:01am 377 55,105
29-Sep-08 8:00am 422 54,728
29-Sep-08 8:00am 601 54,306
29-Sep-08 8:00am 443 53,705
29-Sep-08 8:00am 315 53,262
29-Sep-08 7:59am 818 52,947
29-Sep-08 7:59am 509 52,129
29-Sep-08 7:59am 617 51,620
29-Sep-08 7:59am 723 51,003
29-Sep-08 7:58am 508 50,280
29-Sep-08 7:58am 411 49,772
29-Sep-08 7:58am 209 49,361
29-Sep-08 7:58am 380 49,152
29-Sep-08 7:57am 542 48,772
29-Sep-08 6:42am 622 48,230
29-Sep-08 6:42am 803 47,608
29-Sep-08 6:41am 981 46,805
29-Sep-08 6:41am 707 45,824
29-Sep-08 6:41am 587 45,117
29-Sep-08 6:40am 496 44,530
29-Sep-08 6:40am 537 44,034
29-Sep-08 6:40am 1,287 43,497
29-Sep-08 6:40am 408 42,210
29-Sep-08 6:39am 1,343 41,802
29-Sep-08 6:39am 782 40,459
29-Sep-08 6:38am 1,073 39,677
29-Sep-08 6:38am 673 38,604
29-Sep-08 6:38am 990 37,931
29-Sep-08 6:38am 781 36,941
29-Sep-08 6:37am 589 36,160
29-Sep-08 6:37am 688 35,571
27-Jun-08 7:45pm 1,281 THIS WAS THEEEEE DAY! I was feeling pretty good about the story and thought that I had better back it up, so I used the new "Book Backup" software, the computer froze while I was doing it, and when I got it back up and running, it had eaten ALL my files...EVERYTHING that was of ANY importance to me! That included 33,883 words of my new book! ALL WAS LOST and I was doomed! UGH! 34,883
26-Jun-08 6:39pm 1,172 33,602
25-Jun-08 4:17pm 1,194 32,430
24-Jun-08 3:57pm 902 31,236
23-Jun-08 5:21pm 1,138 30,334
20-Jun-08 5:37pm 782 29,196
19-Jun-08 7:34pm 988 28,414
18-Jun-08 6:08pm 1,146 27,426
17-Jun-08 6:42pm 1,327 26,280
16-Jun-08 7:17pm 908 24,953
13-Jun-08 6:55pm 1,109 24,045
12-Jun-08 5:30pm 203 22,936
11-Jun-08 10:45am 511 22,733
10-Jun-08 8:28am 505 22,222
9-Jun-08 6:52am 906 21,717
6-Jun-08 5:26am 885 20,811
5-Jun-08 6:07pm 792 The story presented itself well again today. I pray that it will keep doing this. It's like I'm seeing everything happen before my very eyes and I'm just recording it for posterity. :o) 19,926
4-Jun-08 4:41pm 827 I did pretty good today. I really like what I wrote today. I was on a roll and I had a vision of what was happening and I had some great ideas about where the story was going to go. 19,134
3-Jun-08 6:03pm 753 I've had the flu or flu-like symptoms for days and had to stay in bed. I've been SO sick! Dion has taken such good care of me! Then I had a really rough day yesterday. Carol took me to the Pain Clinic and then we went to get groceries (very hard on me!) so I'll be paying for that for three or four days. I did manage to get some good writing done for a little while until the pain was just too unbearable. I have to figure out how to conquer this or I'll NEVER finish my book--and that IS NOT an option! 18,307
29-May-08 11:51am 902 I'm done early today. I have to get some things ready for tomorrow because I'll be gone to the Dr.'s all day--it's always rough on my appt. day because it's so far away, etc. My sister, Carol always takes me and we make a day of it. She's disabled, too, but seems to have endless energy, etc. 17,554
28-May-08 8:15pm 1,244 This is my personal best in a long while. Dion was still home from work and I always do so much better when he's home. 16,652
27-May-08 7:37pm 1,078 Not bad. I was shooting for at least one thousand--I have to get back into the swing of things. I can't wait until the mess at Mom's is all cleaned up! I'm so glad that Dion is still home.
I made my goal of 15k today!
23-May-08 9:39pm 937 Max (Dion's mother's dog) is keeping us company while she's in the hospital and he's been such a good boy. I seem to feel more like writing when there's someone in the house with me, just as long as they don't talk to me and break my concentration. That's something I didn't realize before. I do my best writing when my husband is around. He always makes me feel better; he's my inspiration. 14,330
21-May-08 6:47pm 821 I'm still pushing myself, even though my hands are killing me. Dion's mom's surgery came out great and we're so thankful! Praise God! 13,393
20-May-08 6:19pm 731 Not too much in the mood for writing, but I forced myself. I just can't see to post my word counts. I wonder if they think I've quit or something. 12,572
15-May-08 5:18pm 1,109 Pretty good day, with regard to my writing! (that was before the drug bust!) I'm excited because Dion will be taking some time off to be with me and also to help take care of his mom after her surgery, so...more time for US! WooHoo! Today I found out about mom's tenant having a big marijuana growing operation at the mobile home he's been renting from her. She's devastated because he betrayed their friendship, etc. It really stinks! 11,841
14-May-08 6:04pm 988 Whattayaknow! I finally made it to my first goal is 10k words! I almost thought I'd never make it, but then I knew I would--it just took a while, that's all. Yippee! Awesome! 10,732
13-May-08 5:51pm 1,058 Not a bad day today. I really needed the 3 days off to rest my hands--I couldn't even bend my fingers! 9,744
9-May-08 5:51pm 921 TGIF! What a bad pain day I had...but I did get some good writing done, though. I'm pleased with some of the plots twists that I worked out--I think they're good ones! 8,686
8-May-08 5:52pm 891 Big surprise! Another bad "pain" day, but I pushed myself and kept going. TGTIF! 7,765
7-May-08 8:25pm 932 Another bad day with pain. Not my worst, thank the Lord, or I wouldn't be writing at all, but I'm glad the weekend's coming so I can rest. 6,874
6-May-08 8:30am 859 It wasn't a very productive day today. I had a bad day with my pain. 5,942
5-May-08 5:33pm 1,165 I worked some more on the Outline, Chapter One and the scene where Taylor discovers that her grandmother is still alive. 5,083
4-May-08 6:06pm 3,918 2911 for 01 May 2008,
1007 for 02 May 2008
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