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3-Nov-11 12:32pm 1,791 IT'S FINISHED! Well, the first draft that is. Sweeeeeet. 95,803
3-Nov-11 9:30am 1,569 Almost there... 94,012
3-Nov-11 4:30am 1,351 So close to the end, only two more chapters I think... 92,443
2-Nov-11 1:37pm 2,166 Sprints 3 and 4 together. Chapter 30 and quite close to the end of book 1! 91,092
2-Nov-11 8:23am 1,078 Onwards, onwards, the end is in sight!
2-Nov-11 6:47am 835 Epic planning session this morning, now got to catch up! 87,848
1-Nov-11 12:43pm 775 Had to pause to get first story recorded. Today has just had too many appointments in it :o( 87,013
1-Nov-11 7:42am 482 Very short, as I have to go and get the Bean from school now. 86,238
1-Nov-11 6:08am 1,012 Hungry! 85,756
1-Nov-11 3:55am 1,310 That's the first one done, had to make myself stop! 84,744
31-Oct-11 3:09pm 620 Mini sprint before bed, this clock change is a killer! 83,434
31-Oct-11 1:30pm 508 Second sprint shortened by launch day, unsurprising really! 82,814
31-Oct-11 4:52am 1,135 First sprint of the day, now off to launch the Split Worlds! 82,306
30-Oct-11 2:07pm 1,047 Little bit of Sunday evening writing... 81,171
28-Oct-11 6:30am 1,163 I think that might be the goal met for the week! YAYAYAYAY! 80,124
28-Oct-11 3:48am 1,054 Almost there for this week's goal :o) 78,961
27-Oct-11 2:47pm 2,416 I kind of forgot to stop. It's very late. My hands ache. Whoops. 77,907
27-Oct-11 12:02pm 1,715 End of Chapter 25. Only a little bit more to do for the day. 75,491
27-Oct-11 4:50am 728 Got to dash out. Grrrrr. 73,776
27-Oct-11 3:47am 1,346 Sprint 1 rolled out nicely. 73,048
26-Oct-11 12:11pm 1,254 Done for the day! 71,702
26-Oct-11 9:53am 1,077 Sprint 3. Took a while to get into it, then it flew. 70,448
26-Oct-11 5:35am 1,956 This is two sprints rolled into one - had a phone call in the middle and forgot to note the words so far! 69,371
25-Oct-11 1:32pm 1,912 Blimey that was a hard chapter to write. 67,415
25-Oct-11 6:23am 1,256 Sprint 2 done. 65,503
25-Oct-11 3:44am 1,112 Feeling much less tired today. Thank goodness. 64,247
24-Oct-11 1:07pm 1,767 Well, 3004 words total for today is not too bad, considering how shabby I am. Hoping for good night's sleep. 63,135
24-Oct-11 10:05am 1,237 Struggling today, exhausted after my first sci-fi convention. 61,368
21-Oct-11 7:55am 1,704 Chapter 21 finished, I really enjoyed that one :oD 60,131
21-Oct-11 4:01am 1,065 Have got so much to do for the event tomorrow... 58,427
20-Oct-11 8:13am 1,026 It's thickening up nicely. The plot, that is. 57,362
20-Oct-11 3:54am 1,314 1st sprint, one of many plates being spun today... 56,336
19-Oct-11 12:40pm 1,237 And that's me done for the day. Phew. 55,022
19-Oct-11 9:23am 1,383 Getting much more comfortable with the characters now, enjoying writing this book so much! 53,785
19-Oct-11 4:10am 1,518 Juggling the Bean's first school concert thingy with writing... 52,402
18-Oct-11 1:31pm 1,741 Finished chapter 18, 200 words shy of 4k - the day just had too much other stuff in it. Sigh. 50,884
18-Oct-11 8:51am 1,041 Chapter 18! 49,143
18-Oct-11 2:20am 1,030 Good start to the day. 48,102
17-Oct-11 11:30am 1,002 Got caught up in that one too, I think I may have written more than 4 k. Never mind...
17-Oct-11 8:45am 1,277 Oops, went over a tad there, was into the scene. Tea! 46,070
17-Oct-11 6:17am 1,087 Second one done, back to the sewing. And there may be a toffee apple involved later too... 44,793
17-Oct-11 3:17am 1,025 First sprint of the day, now for tea and sewing. Bliss. 43,706
15-Oct-11 11:41am 496 That's my 2000 hit for the day. 42,681
15-Oct-11 9:41am 1,704 Tired today. Bad night's sleep and headache. Glad to have got this much down to be honest. 42,185
14-Oct-11 2:25pm 1,015 Yay! Weekly goal met, into chapter 15 now. For. The. Win. 40,481
14-Oct-11 12:19pm 2,047 Two sprints divided by time with the Bean. Sleepy. Not done yet though. 39,466
14-Oct-11 6:51am 1,035 Lots of planning needed to be done today, so will be writing into the night... 37,419
13-Oct-11 11:29am 1,153 That's today done, another 4 k to write tomorrow, then the weekly target will be met. Sweet. 36,384
13-Oct-11 5:16am 1,014 Lighter day today, only need to get 2000 words down. Halfway there... 35,231
12-Oct-11 11:12am 1,757 And that's today's goal met, yay! 34,217
12-Oct-11 7:10am 1,137 Second sprint done, cold driving me mad, but still enjoying the writing. 32,460
12-Oct-11 5:17am 1,239 First sprint, introducing a new character... 31,323
11-Oct-11 12:50pm 1,579 A sprint and a half, scuppered by the Bean having a fever and needing cuddles for a couple of hours. Will make up the last 400 odd words tomorrow. 30,084
11-Oct-11 7:16am 1,023 Second sprint after nap on sofa. Haven't got time to be ill! 28,505
11-Oct-11 2:44am 1,066 Still ill, but hasn't stopped the words yet. 1st sprint of the day is done. 27,482
10-Oct-11 11:32am 1,467 Today was 3 sprints instead of 4, purely because I got carried away and didn't notice the time in sprint 2. 4083 done for the day. Yay! 26,416
10-Oct-11 6:39am 1,338 Got carried away again. Having to force myself to take a break now. This is feeling so good. 24,949
10-Oct-11 4:03am 1,278 Ooops, got into the flow and forgot to stop. 1st sprint of the day. 3 to go - 4k is goal today. 23,611
8-Oct-11 11:09am 1,057 Goal met, despite slight fever. Hope this makes sense when I feel better. 22,333
8-Oct-11 7:06am 1,102 Goal is 2000 words today as I am tad unwell. Coughing up horrid stuff as I clatter away at the keyboard... 21,276
7-Oct-11 12:12pm 1,206 Well into chapter 8 now - I think that might be the weekly goal met :oD 20,174
7-Oct-11 9:07am 1,050 Sprint 2 done. Sleepy and coldy, but content. 18,968
7-Oct-11 4:43am 1,035 Sprint one done. Time for food and tea. Not necessarily in that order. 17,918
6-Oct-11 1:34pm 1,058 And it's done for today. And I have a cough. Damn. 16,883
6-Oct-11 11:18am 1,075 Sprint 3 done, one more to go after the Bean's school uniform is ironed. Oh the glamour! 15,825
6-Oct-11 7:04am 2,159 Two sprints blurred into one due to very strange morning. Hey ho. Just shy of 2k left to write today. Tea! 14,750
5-Oct-11 1:10pm 1,099 And done for today. Hooray! At least tomorrow is a straight writing day, today I had 3 appointments that broke it up. 12,591
5-Oct-11 11:52am 1,086 Just over half of today's goal. Almost there... 11,492
3-Oct-11 1:58pm 2,058 Sprints 3 and 4 combined, due to a few disruptions. Pleased with that, am well into chapter 5 now and some of the hardest new bits done. 10,406
3-Oct-11 8:22am 1,017 Back on track after lots of thinking and research. About 3 hours behind where I wanted to be. Hey ho. 8,348
3-Oct-11 5:35am 1,054 Very slow sprint as it turned up a stack of stuff I needed to research. Thank goodness for the internet. 7,331
2-Oct-11 11:40am 1,101 Last sprint for today's half day of writing. Shattered and a mountain of ironing awaits. Oh the glamour! 6,277
2-Oct-11 9:20am 1,118 Tired from the Fun Run this morning, so this was tough. Goal for today is 2k. 5,176
1-Oct-11 11:24am 862 Last sprint done, and the first day of the new project is deliciously on track. This deserves something nice... with custard. 4,058
1-Oct-11 8:33am 1,042 End of sprint three, deep into chapter two now. 3,196
1-Oct-11 6:07am 1,041 Chapter one finished and into chapter two, this was the 2nd sprint of the day. 2,154
1-Oct-11 3:34am 1,113 Yay! So good to start this at last :o) 1,113
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