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25-Sep-11 8:28pm 659 "This was not part of the original plan." He was angry. If his tone didn't give it away, then the impatient drumming of his fingers on the chair-arm did.
"You don't think I know that? Never would I have planned this. It's not as if I want to throw my life away." She ran her hand through her hair angrily. He was irritated that he was angry. It wasn't as if he was the one having to go through with this plan.
"Then why must you? There must be a more desirable alternative." He watched as she sighed and looked at him over her shoulder. Her profile only visible.
"There isn't another way. We've discussed it Sesshomaru. We've analyzed every angle, every possible outcome. The only way for us to even hope to gain their favor is by right, by their rights." She turned back to the window and wrapped her arms around herself in comfort.
She heard the squeak of the chair as he stood suddenly. "Surely there are other means at our disposal to persuade them?"
She found his question to be rhetorical as his reflection became visible in the window, an eerie green glow cast over his face. She wanted to laugh at his stubbornness."You know that will not persuade them into our favor." The green glow slowly dissipated. "No, poisoning them won't work..." She said more to herself than him. She wished they could poison them. Make them beg for the favor of de
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Grandiose is an action/adventure/romance that focuses on the adventures of Kagome's life & everything that comes along with it. Plot still in development! :)