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18-Jul-11 12:44pm 137 6,849
18-Jul-11 12:41pm 501 After a delayed absence I finally found my muse and managed to write 501 words until my cat decided otherwise...better than nothing! 6,712
29-Jun-11 12:09pm 445 Have decided to just write and see where it takes me and then when I'm finished, I'll go back and edit the whole lot later on to make sense. 6,211
28-Jun-11 3:41am 107 I went through the edits that were given to me and by the time I did that I did lose a few words but will definitely make it up. Prologue is now finished. Now to start Chapter 1. 5,766
26-Jun-11 12:33am 5,659 This was sent in for a submission and returned with comments that I was to extend the story out and resubmit it. 5,659
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Margit The Bloody
Paranormal Erotica
Margit is a Vampire who has spent her immortal years quenching her thirst with the dregs of society but something unknown is calling out to her. Will she go searching to find out what it is or will she hide from it?