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A bad decision

They’r encounter was not casual, he was always watching her, she was so gracious and young, he was very found of her in a bad way, in the beginning he appears in her dreams, being very superstitious, she believe that an angel talk and protect her, but these was a far cry from being an angel, these was something different and even dangerous.

On her sixteen birthday she dream of a familiar place in the woods, where she goes often in order to feel the presence of her angel, there she saw a book and a deck of very strange cards, after waking up, an irresistible impulse make her go there, and sure enough there it was, the book and the deck of cards wrap in a black cloth, she took them and hide it obeying the instructions that were given in the dream, in the privacy of her small room, she unraped the book and opened, knowing full well that doing so will be a signal that she have accepted the gift from the strange being, the question was, Why does these items were given to her? the question was answered sooner than she though because the knowledge of the book and how to use the cards came into her mind, all of a sudden she knew what to do, and she start doing it like a natural thing, she begin to foretell the future but without really knowing it.

A friend oj Cecilia came by to deliver some wood for the kitchen, and as he salutes Pilar with a happy birthday, Pilar looking straight at him told him, you are going to die soon, the plague is on you.
A look of horror came into the mens eyes, what are you saying girl, what kind of nonsense is these.
Cecilia terrified by these words, strikes Pilar in her face, she started to cry and ask what she have done to deserve being punish, Cecilia turning to the man said not to mind her granddauhter because she was not feeling well and didn’t knew what she was saying.
The man left very confuse and scare.

After the man left Cecilia still in shock was screaming at her.
What was that all about, are you mad girl.
Pilar looks at her like she didnt’t know what was the reason of her fury, and ask, but what did i do?
What did you do? are you out of your mind, why did you say such terrible thing to that poor man?
Grandma i don’t know i just saw it in my mind.
Saw what child? what did you saw? she ask almost crying now
I saw him in his bed, dying, that's what i saw grandma, dying from the plague.
Cecilia grab Pilar shoulders and said, you must forget these whole thing you understand? not a word to any body about these visions, or people will think that you are in communion with the devil.
She left running into her room leaving Cecilia making the sing of the cross.
Three days after,Pedro drop by to see Pilar, Cecilia being out of wood aqaing ask Pedro why the men haven’t come by to delivered, being one of his workers he surely knew, he answers in a casual way, that the man was laying in his bed dying from the plague.
Cecilia drop the plate that went crashing down into the floor.
Are you allright woman? he ask
Yes she answer quickly trying to smile at him, in that moment she saw that Pilar was staring at her with an air of triumph.
Pedro ask, why are you smiling about? looks like hearing these news give you some kind of pleasure, did you whish such a thing on him?
No but i knew it was going to happend, she said, aks grandma.
Cecilia turn pale and get busy pretending not to have heard what Pilar said.
Pedro didnt’ say anything, but for some reason he felt a chill going thru his hole body.

That morning he wake-up feeling sad and angry, he keeps thinking about what he heard the day before, he knew Pedro well, he supervises the farmers working the Bishop's land's, hearing the name of the Bridre make his hair stand up.
Pilar D'alonzo your Excellency, that's her name.
He conpouse himself, and serve the Bishop’s breakfast listening intently at what they were seying, after he finish, he retires to his room, he was very agitated, could these be possible? are they talking about the same person?
He have to find out, Since he enters the Bishop’s he have try to keep his distances from anyone that could recognize him, but after all these years he was sure no one would remember him, he was not sure he remenbers himself, it was a long time ago.

It was the time of the expulsion, he left like all the others, but he did something that he could not understand them, he hides his money, for some reason he knew that it would serve him someday, and it did, he came back, maybe because what he saw in his trip, the way jews were treated everywhere, all those victims, all those abuses, he decides that he wont be a victim he would do whatever he has to to survive, he did not want to die, he was scare.
Coming back he saw things different, converting was a way to live and he want to live, so he did convert, it was a grand ceremony, it was the first time he enters a churh, as he renounce his creed and adopt the new one he remembers feeling different, he felt like a traitor.

But from that point he felt safe, and that’s what counts, and now he started a new life, thinking that he could get away from his consciense, but consciense is a hard judge and one day he would have to confront it, after the conversation he heard, he knew that the day have come.