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3-Dec-10 5:29pm 601 11,094
3-Dec-10 5:08pm 948 10,493
2-Dec-10 7:15pm 4,947 850 original words, the rest pulled in from earlier draft. 9,545
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It's about a guy who thinks he wants to kill himself, but an entity intervenes causing him to realize he doesn't. Forcing him to make a deal to stay alive, maintaining good fortune, but costing him the last 20 years of his life. He ends up with the bullet he was going to use on himself serving as an all knowing compass, pushing him forcefully in the direction of the best decisions to make, and providing string theory visions of possible outcomes at times, forcing him to chose a path, and leading him to it. He meets a woman who's father is the head of one of various families, that hold various precious items jointly. One of the family heads is trying to get the items united under his family alone, thereby holding the ultimate position of power overall.