NaNoWriMo 2010 37,853 of 50,000 words

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30-Nov-10 1:58pm 1,187 Last day of NaNoWriMo. I didn't make the 50K goal, but I'm okay with that. It's been a very busy month all around. 37,853
29-Nov-10 6:12am 1,698 36,666
28-Nov-10 6:11am 1,488 34,968
27-Nov-10 6:10am 1,701 33,480
26-Nov-10 6:10am 1,980 31,779
25-Nov-10 6:09am 700 29,799
24-Nov-10 6:08am 898 29,099
23-Nov-10 6:08am 1,498 28,201
22-Nov-10 6:07am 1,611 26,703
21-Nov-10 6:07am 1,803 25,092
20-Nov-10 6:06am 971 23,289
19-Nov-10 6:05am 1,000 22,318
18-Nov-10 3:06pm 944 21,318
17-Nov-10 3:05pm 1,600 20,374
16-Nov-10 3:05pm 1,000 18,774
15-Nov-10 3:04pm 1,660 17,774
14-Nov-10 5:56pm 2,265 Wow, really had to push myself to get this number out today. Won't be able to do this everyday to get myself caught up and back on track. Will just do what I can do. 16,114
13-Nov-10 10:11am 2,000 13,849
12-Nov-10 10:10am 1,000 After being sick for a few days, I've gotten myself farther behind on the writing. 11,849
9-Nov-10 3:51pm 1,200 Still feeling sick. This was the only thing I did today. 10,849
8-Nov-10 6:00am 1,800 Woke up quite early, so I got a head start on my writing for the day. 9,649
7-Nov-10 4:05pm 2,361 After three days of not writing, I'm going to be pushing to get back on track! 7,849
3-Nov-10 3:22pm 2,810 Wow! What a word count for the day! 5,488
2-Nov-10 4:33pm 955 Voted, grocery shopping, new furnace put in. Got a really late start on my writing. 2,678
1-Nov-10 10:48am 1,723 Right on schedule for 1st day. 1,723
Estimated Count:

50,000 words

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37,853 words

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12,147 words



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27-Jun-2012 1:50pm

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Tuesday, August 28th

Longest Streak:

19 days

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19 days

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30 days

Daily Average:

1,261.8 words

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1,514.1 words

About this project

NaNoWriMo - November 1 - 30

Will be working on a couple of MG/YA books with the word counts to total at least 50,000 words by the end of NaNoWriMo.