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9-Apr-08 7:48pm 1,000 Life

Life could be boring sometimes or life could be exciting. Sometimes you think you got everything in life but when you look back you have nothing. Living in my apartment everyday wondering what will happen next day, lost my job, car got impounded license suspended, what more can happen to me. It's like a routine how everyday wake up, make a pot of tea, turn the TV on with no cable, turn the laptop on to see if there us Internet signal so can apply for some jobs and get my life back on track then just all day long surf the Internet to get some idea's how to start my business without any investments and look for a real job as my fiancee says. To me everyday is a challenge, challenge to see what life will bring to me and how I am going to face it. All these TV shows and movies make it seem like life is so easy but step into the real world nothing is easy. seems like you think everything is going to be ok but nothing seems ok. Just couple days ago I went shopping for food and had to walk, coz no car. Thinking of it I seem how people live here without any transportation, In USA you have to have a car, specially in California, without a car you are nothing. There are some good people that are willing to help you as much as they can but there are people that will just ignore the fact that some one needs help. I have come a long way in my life, where it seems like there are less people that are willing to help, and there are people that will only help you for there needs. There are so many crime's happening in this world that even is someone is really trying to help you, you just can't believe them. For a single mom living by herself trying to get back on track. How can I? I have lost everything in my life, the biggest thing I lost is my daughter. Some man will trick you to get anything, and some women will do anything to please them, just because they are scared or they love them. Look at me my ex took my daughter from me and I couldn't do anything, I just sat there and cried. I thought I was strong, strong enough to stop hi but I couldn't do it, I have this thing that I forgive people easily. I can't sleep at night so many thoughts come in my mind. I wanna leave a normal life, but who here has a normal life, I want to make lot of money fast not doing it the wrong way but the right way, but how? How can all this be possible I always wanted to be a writer but didn't know where to start even when I started I couldn't finish any of my books, I must have wrote atleast 5 short stories but never finished. Maybe because I haven't seen the future and I am scared to finish my books. But who has here seen the future. I am suppose to get married next year, but it seems like along time sometimes I feel like it's all a dream. The person that I am marring is a very nice person. He has always been there for me, but his taking forever I haven't met his parents yet I only know him I want to be part of his family but maybe I am rushing him, I think I should slow down before I will loose something special that I have with him. They say be careful what you wish for you never know when it will come true. So I think that's how life is, you have ups and downs everytime you just have to make the best out of it.
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