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15-Mar-11 8:09pm 2,389 The fundraiser is over and now we're on to more drama. 39,942
14-Mar-11 8:42pm 2,842 One of the characters has gone on to glory. Wrapping this rough draft up. 37,553
8-Mar-11 9:19am 2,457 We're getting down to the nitty and the gritty now...getting good and juicy! 34,711
15-Feb-11 1:38pm 1,490 Jenessa is really hurting right now, ohh the pain of conflict. 32,254
8-Feb-11 11:11am 750 Danielle just received some really bad news, she is not dealing with the thought of losing her breast well. I can't blame her. Who would? 30,764
8-Feb-11 9:54am 1,066 First installment written at library today. Danielle, Jenessa and Rebecca are really growing together in their faith. 30,014
26-Oct-10 8:44pm 2,952 Almost halfway done. 28,948
25-Oct-10 5:57pm 4,030 Treatment has started and their lives are starting to unravel LORD help me, I love the work I do for him. 25,996
19-Oct-10 12:24pm 2,912 back on Thursday or Friday 21,966
18-Oct-10 2:21pm 2,169 ooowe it's getting serious now. Rebecca and Colby are having problems looking forward to seeing tomorrow. 19,054
12-Oct-10 3:26am 2,008 Just put in several chapters! 16,885
4-Oct-10 4:48pm 14,877 I begin working on this again October 5 with plans to complete rough draft by end of Breast Cancer awareness month 14,877
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Novel three in the Wellness Walkers series. Three women fighting triple negative breast cancer with one faith.