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17-Oct-10 9:36am 98 is a small blip on what I want for the story. What do I want with the story? 3,978
13-Oct-10 9:52pm 330 Even if I'm out, I need to stay on track. 3,880
11-Oct-10 8:11pm 261 Ended one scene, started another 3,550
10-Oct-10 10:48pm 280 Stuffed and Wiped. Put on thanksgiving dinner today. Wine didn't help productivity. 3,289
9-Oct-10 9:04pm 310 Left some so I can pick up tomorrow where I left off and roll. Busy day tomorrow. 3,009
8-Oct-10 7:20pm 460 Found a groove, then had to make supper. 2,699
7-Oct-10 10:04pm 182 I cannot lie. This is all I could squeeze out tonight. 2,239
6-Oct-10 9:19pm 250 It just wouldn't come tonight. 2,057
6-Oct-10 7:47am 253 Forgot to update here last night. It's pure crap anyway. 1,807
4-Oct-10 9:48pm 387 Did on a Neo at daughter's volleyball game:0) 1,554
3-Oct-10 5:20pm 348 Same scene as yesterday, and can still write more on it - tomorrow. 1,167
2-Oct-10 4:56pm 474 Scene: Alex tells Kayla and Ryan 819
2-Oct-10 9:11am 345 Should have started yesterday, but Harvest got in the way. 345
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