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2-Nov-10 11:25am 1,607 This was over about 2 weeks. DOH! Last entry before NaNo. This will be on hold until the end of November. Here we go! :-D 70,573
11-Oct-10 5:42am 1,314 Ok, getting better. I think I can complete the first run with 80-85k words. Then the second draft will bring that up. 68,966
6-Oct-10 5:36pm 168 This is getting a bit sad... at least I'm getting some words out, but it needs to be much MORE! 67,652
5-Oct-10 8:23pm 343 Another low night... plugging away, but slowly. More marine stuff. 67,484
4-Oct-10 8:29pm 42 Yes, 42 - a fine number, a perfect answer to life, the universe, and everything.
Not much today. :( Going to bed early. More tomorrow.
3-Oct-10 8:56am 949 Hey, pretty good day. And I only wrote for like 1.5 hours. Coolness. Low-hanging fruit day though - an epilogue and finished a marine scene with a big alien bug. 67,099
1-Oct-10 9:26am 296 Two days of conferences and activations = little progress. 66,150
28-Sep-10 8:59am 385 Another late start, and still working on the bug-laden Marine scene. Still - progress is progress. 65,854
27-Sep-10 8:13pm 428 Late start today, and took a while to figure out what to work on. Didn't think I'd be writing even this much, so didn't want to get into some of the harder sections. Worked on Mitchell's exiting of the airlock. 65,469
23-Sep-10 8:44pm 65,041 Just starting to use this - this is the initial setup entry. 65,041
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When Man reached for the stars, he ran into The Barrier. Whether natural or artificial, no one knew, but it surrounded the solar system and made interstellar travel impossible.
When a new drive technology allows a human science ship to 'tunnel' through space and reach past the Barrier, they find an alien force that destroys the ship without hesitation.
Now Commander John Marshall must lead the fight to defend Earth and humanity from the alien invaders. Now that we are free, they are intent on wiping us out.
Meanwhile, UMC Space Marine Tom Mitchell and his team must investigate a strange signal coming from a solar feature that has sparked Man's curiosity for ages - Haley's Comet.
If either of them fail, Earth may be doomed.