Redeemer of the Realm 159,822 of 175,000 words

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6-Feb-12 7:06pm 10,088 Catching up--lots of work going on lately! Good thing I don't track the word counts of my notes! 159,822
20-Jan-12 8:38am 963 149,734
17-Jan-12 8:30am 2,994 148,771
14-Jan-12 9:16pm 3,236 Still chipping away at it. 145,777
12-Jan-12 7:57pm 3,183 Plugging away... 142,541
10-Jan-12 11:29am 33,830 Catching up my progress meter--this book has come a long way! We are getting closer to the end, but I think it will run over the projected word count. 139,358
24-Mar-11 5:06pm 9,765 A few days' worth of on-again-off-again progress here. Things are moving though! 105,528
15-Mar-11 8:00am 5,929 Adding words from the last few days--I've been writing in short bursts and never stopped to take a word count! 95,763
8-Mar-11 7:28pm 1,730 still progressing 89,834
4-Mar-11 7:49pm 7,784 Finally moving forward again! Yay!! 88,104
5-Oct-10 1:09pm 1,963 making progress 80,320
4-Oct-10 5:14pm 1,318 78,357
3-Oct-10 7:34pm 927 Finally getting back into this one! 77,039
13-Aug-10 7:30am 76,112 Bringing over the existing word count 76,112
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175,000 words

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159,822 words

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About this project

Redeemer of the Realm is the sequel to the fantasy novel The Music Mage. Moved goal to 175K, because it's apparent the book is going to run right over 150K without slowing down.