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9-Mar-23 12:45pm 2,145 Great plotting ideas as well as ideas for the entire story arc, but even more dealing with the first book alone! Great material! 23,087
7-Mar-23 12:45pm 1,200 Lots of great stuff about the origins of Midnight Magick and the structure of its origins, along with other goodies. 20,942
5-Mar-23 11:35am 1,023 Added to the knowledge about the Santali and their island nation of Santal. 19,742
4-Mar-23 11:55am 1,687 Rewrite of first scene now renamed, "Failed Again." 18,719
25-Feb-23 12:15pm 600 Only a few words addition to the outline today. Will get cracking on Monday though! 17,032
23-Feb-23 12:35pm 1,206 Created the entry story for Midnight Magick as well as the first master of its evil power, a Ceremonial Magickian named Setreial Rowlec. Good stuff! 16,432
22-Feb-23 11:45am 1,636 Wrote the scene in which Mooncloud falls in love with Essie! Good stuff. 15,226
21-Feb-23 12:55pm 1,000 Got some good ideas down and am pleased with it. Have a hell of a lot more work to do, so I have to keep plugging ahead! 13,590
20-Feb-23 11:35am 1,146 Worked out more about the Negsik and Riqeth races and the divisions starting among the Riqeth of some wanting peace. Fun stuff! 12,590
19-Feb-23 12:45pm 1,475 Worked on the enemy races as well as their abilities. A good session. 11,444
18-Feb-23 11:45am 537 Not productive at all. A bad session due to blurry vision. 9,969
17-Feb-23 12:35pm 1,503 Added to the plot points for the trilogy as well as started working on the sub-plot points needed for the trilogy. Great session. 9,432
13-Feb-23 12:45pm 1,500 Lots of great ideas and plot points discovered! 7,929
10-Feb-23 12:35pm 1,500 Lots of background work and history for use in the tale. Great stuff! 6,429
9-Feb-23 10:40am 1,159 Lots of great ideas to add to the plotlines of the story! New and wondrous stuff! 4,929
8-Feb-23 11:20am 1,100 Wrote some rewrites and corrections and moved some parts to other scenes. Not a great deal of work, but satisfactory all the same. 3,770
7-Feb-23 12:35pm 967 Finished the scene between Cintarla and Essie, where they begin a great friendship. Can't wait to see where this new character leads! 2,670
3-Feb-23 1:10pm 1,703 Was aiming for 250 words and got more than I thought I would. That felt great. 1,703
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