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14-Jun-22 1:20pm 308 Second Chapter
FINALLY! That Sucer
5-Jun-22 9:20am 1,250 First Chapter
Finally finished the first one!! this was a fucker to get through, but still. Yeah.
3-Jun-22 2:25am 202 4,057
2-Jun-22 7:15am 291 3,855
2-Jun-22 4:00am 727 First Chapter
this is taking longer than I thougnt or wanted. But every sitting gets me there more.
27-May-22 3:45am 693 First chapter
Party is over, no getting more into the story.
23-May-22 1:30am 410 First Chapter
Still going strong. I write so much more and with more detail. Today I have to convince myself to overexplain to get the amount of info needed to get a picture, but yeah, it's working.
22-May-22 12:35pm 324 First Chapter
Ahh, feeling that everything goes slower than it should be
22-May-22 3:25am 331 First Chapter
Not surprising, but cut a section, it didn't make sense and the idea can be incorporated later in a different way.
21-May-22 9:25am 497 Chapter 1
This is going so much better than I thought. The translation thing is annoying as hell because phrases that work in English don't work in German and the other way around. But it works and I wrote two pages where was only almost one.
21-May-22 4:25am 582 First Chapter.
Also I am very easy to distract, I love where I am going and currently am adding many details. I'm really happy to explore more of the world and character instead of fixing mayor and minor plotholes.
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