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20-Sep-21 10:35am 711 Finally finished with the chapter. I'm not really content with the last scene where Philipps mother react in a negative way about Philipps desicion regarding his uncles letter, but it is the best I can do for now. 45,397
15-Sep-21 3:55am 2,004 Still chapter 16, getting there. 7 pages by now, I should wrap it up, but I have to figure out how. All the storylines come now near the point of no return where they have to go through the big battle and it's kind of keeping me hooked.
But regarding of how much I write by now, this can need a few more chapters until I'm there.
14-Sep-21 3:40am 2,178 I began Chapter 16 yesterday and now am 4 pages deep in. Yesterday I wrote 140 words before going to sleep, and today the rest. I don't know how long this chapter will be, but I still have some things to tell left, before it's finished. I kind of get excited and have to summarize written chapters to help me plan coming ones I think. 42,682
10-Sep-21 3:45am 1,231 The Chapter is finally finished. Just needed 8 pages and several being annoyed. No breakdowns though. There were rough patches of writers block I had to write through, but it has good spots. 40,504
9-Sep-21 4:25am 1,002 Still more things to tell than I thought and I'm still on chapter 15. Good luck I finish it in the next one thousand word sitting.
8-Sep-21 7:45am 1,080 Slow, but the things I wanted to say take up more words than I thought and I'm not even what I though as the core of this scene. 38,271
3-Sep-21 7:05am 2,614 37,191
30-Aug-21 11:30am 355 34,577
30-Aug-21 11:30am 569 34,222
30-Aug-21 6:45am 631 33,653
27-Aug-21 9:25am 560 33,022
25-Aug-21 12:30pm 1,168 32,462
24-Aug-21 5:45pm 457 31,294
24-Aug-21 1:15pm 505 30,837
23-Aug-21 7:05am 1 30,332
23-Aug-21 7:00am 1,165 30,331
21-Aug-21 3:05am 1,061 29,166
18-Aug-21 4:45pm 78 28,105
17-Aug-21 10:45am 636 Has been a slow hour, but getting there 28,027
16-Aug-21 6:12pm 2,268 27,391
16-Aug-21 9:00am 3,890 25,123
16-Aug-21 5:05am 1,550 21,233
16-Aug-21 5:05am 1,941 19,683
16-Aug-21 5:05am 1,822 17,742
16-Aug-21 5:05am 2,241 15,920
16-Aug-21 5:05am 1,574 13,679
16-Aug-21 5:05am 2,741 12,105
16-Aug-21 5:05am 1,081 9,364
16-Aug-21 5:05am 1,797 8,283
16-Aug-21 5:05am 1,243 6,486
16-Aug-21 1:05am 5,243 5,243
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