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About this project

Lisa Lewis was a 16-year-old orphan who liked Quentin Woods. She lived In York, UK. As a result, when she was sent to live with her great aunt's sister's daughter, who lived in London, she approached him to come with her, and his family agreed.
Mrs. Woods said her goodbyes to them at the train station.
“Please look after my little boy, Lisa!” Mrs. Woods exclaimed.
“Mrs. Woods, he's not little anymore! And you know I adore him just as much as you do!” Lisa proclaimed.
The couple boarded the train and as soon as the train pulled out of the station, Mrs. Woods began to weep-her little Quentin had grown up.
On the train, a waitress soon came around.
“What would you like to eat?” She inquired.
“I will have a chicken caesar salad and Quentin will have some tuna.” she replied. And whispering to the waitress, she said “Quentin can’t talk. Please hurry.”
And hurry the waitress did, returning 5 minutes later with their meals.
“Here are your meals.”
The twosome alternated eating, sleeping, listening to music, and going to the bathroom for the remainder of the trip. The four-hour journey was both calming and enjoyable.
When they arrived, an excited butler greeted them with a sign that read, "Miss Lisa Lewis." “Welcome Miss Lisa and...” started the butler. “Quentin,” Lisa replied. “And, Mr. Quentin." He motioned to a nearby limo and said, "Jump inside."
The three enjoyed the ride. Lisa was very excited and kept asking questions.
“How big is London? Is Mrs. Windsor’s home big? What’s your favourite colour? How old are you? How old is Mrs. Windsor? Do you like London?”
To all of these, Leo, the butler, replied with three words: "I don't know." The trip continued to be enjoyable, with Lisa being very chatty. They went through a neighbourhood with many big houses. They stopped in front of one that was particularly large. Lisa dashed out the door as soon as Leo opened it, Quentin close behind. They dashed up to the front door, where they were greeted by a grumpy old woman.
“I did say I would adopt a 16-year-old.” She frowned. And gesturing at Quentin, she exclaimed “But I never said anything about a cat!”