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Mystery Of The Black Well Station

A young woman arrived at the Black Well Station around 8 in the morning .She was of average height long golden hair and blue eyes. She walked up to the booth to get her ticket as she was waiting & waiting for what seemed like forever an older gentleman walked up behind her waiting for his chance for his chance at the booth . He Was of Tall,Slender, Husky body type with coal black hair & blue eyes . He stood there patiently behind her finally the clerk came with her tickets once she was finished at the booth she turned around & bumped into the gentleman knocking her bag off her arm along with knocking her other bags over on the floor. She shrieked ! I'm sorry I should watch where I'm going . The man replied No ! it was my fault here let me help you get those back into your back kneeling down to help her .
She after everything was picked up stood back up ,Thanks then he asked her name she replied Amelia ,Amelia Halter Nice to meet you Miss Halter while kissing her hand he introduces himself as Darren Ryan . She replies How do you do .Where are you headed she asks he replies Gloucester .Me to that means we are taking the same train then !
She suddenly shrieked ! again it was starting to rain on them more like a downpour taking out an umbrella he put it over them both and they grabbed they're bags and ran inside before they became drenched with rain.

Blah Ugh have you ever seen such a bloody downpour like that. As she waves her arms to shake off the rain . Well at least we attempted to stay dry. He agrees with a nod while shaking his rain soaked coat off .
She mutters under her breath : Just my luck every time I wait at a bloody train station it rains humph .

After 10 minutes of being in side they hear on the intercom the clerk say : Due to heavier rain to the east country the train will be delayed until tomorrow morning very sorry for the inconvience and you'll have to remain here as well all road ways are starting to flood and there is no way back to the city sorry everyone we'll have to make due tonight.

Everyone sighed in misery cursing the rain and the clerk for being stuck at the station all night .
Darren replied with a sarcastic but annoyed : Looks like we are eternally trapped in this blasted place the night how wonderful. Looking at Amelia : So miss Halter what shall we do now.
She replies I don't know about you but I'm hungry I'm going to see if there is anything here I can eat.
She asks would you like anything Mr Ryan? He replies No Thank you , And call me Darren .
Ok Darren you can just call me Amelia .

They all in the station settle in for the long night ahead by 9 o'clock most everyone had fallen asleep except for Darren, Amelia & The Clerk .The Clerk remained in back working while Darren & Amelia played cards in they're bench seating
She asks would you like anything Mr Ryan? He replies No Thank you , Call me Darren .
Ok Darren you can just call me Amelia .

I'll be right back . Would you be a gent and watch my bags for me .He replies with a yes nod.
She soon returns with a frustrated look .All they had were candy bars , soda and coffee.
While holding a candy bar and a cup of coffee. He looks and says on second thought I'll have a coffee be right back .He leaves her to her coffee, and candy goes and gets him something .

They all in the station settle in for the long night ahead by 9 o'clock most everyone had fallen asleep except for Darren, Amelia & The Clerk .The Clerk remained in back working while Darren & Amelia played cards in they're bench seating making a sarcastic almost demonic sound of joy .I won again .Darren replies that's 3 times in a row that's it I'm done playing can't win when playing you .sounds of laughter from both he then decides to get up and stretch his legs by walking around he asks Amelia do you need anything another drink or ? she replies no I think I'll try to get some rest goodnight she settles her self stretched out on the bench enough she could bend her legs in .

He strolls off for a walk around the station not an hour past when the passengers where awakened by a loud scream the clerk bolted out from the back and yelled is everyone alright ! what was that ? Amelia bolts off her bench and ponders what just happened the clerk says to everyone to stay put while he goes & investigates after 15 minutes he comes back says to everyone :Probably just the wind couldn't find anything out of place go back to sleep everyone.

They all settle down try to go back to sleep except for Amelia she lays there with her eyes closed wondering with severe curiosity what had just happened. She after an half an hour finally falls asleep when not more than 10 minutes of sleep another scream came from now the back room. Everyone bolts up she realizes that Darren is no where to be found she asks the clerk if he had seen him the clerk nods no the clerk decides to investigate again but , this time Amelia asks if she could accompany him to investigate the noise and to also find Darren.

After a short search for Darren they find him in the back in workers coat closet trapped.
The clerk pried the door way open with a metal road . He comes out in a frenzy replying : it's about bloody time you showed up I've been stuck in the wretched thing for almost an hour . The clerk replies your welcome annoyed and walks off to investigate where the sound came from.

Amelia reacts to him being so impatient with the clerk : The least you could've said was a simple Thank you, after all neither one of us knew you were stuck back here . With a coy grin he says sweetly Thank you, She grins back says :Your not off the hook yet Mr .Ryan that little innocent charm won't charm the clerk .lets go back & get some rest they wondered off back to the bench they had occupied for the night sat down. The clerk came back into his office looking peculiar like he had seen something but came over the intercom & said nothing found go back to sleep everyone .

Now that everyone had settled back into slumber about 4 am another strange loud noise came about . Waking this time only Amelia she bolted out of the bench wondered about in the dark trying to find where the noise was coming from . She got as far as the clerks booth when she sees something a white silhouette figure roaming about toward the clerk she shrieked ! the silhouette figure suddenly disappears Amelia goes toward the clerk saying are you ok ? He replies yes, yes , Thank you, She asks him what was that ?
He replies There's a lady that haunts supposedly but I hadn't believed the story until now .
She had hung herself here after having a terrible fight with her lover it seems she was pregnant with they're child and he didn't want it as he was already married with children.So in sorrow she came here one night deciding to end it so she hung her self in this spot actually. She's not usually this bold I wonder what set her off tonight. Amelia ask's how long ago was this ? Clerk replies about 40 years ago . The lady was said to be about 8 months pregnant with the child when she killed herself. Amelia pondered why after 40 years she'd be so upset now it had been years since that incident.

She went back to Darren after a long chat with the clerk she told him everything the clerk had said to her . She noticed something odd about Darren's reaction .Are you alright Darren? He replies, Yes I'm fine just at terrible thing you know about the woman. He gulps again Um I think I'll go to stretch my legs again excuse me . She looked surprised at his sudden what seemed to be panic in his face she watched him go toward a back exit she looks out the front to see it still raining hard. She gets backup and strolls back to the clerks booth to ask more questions . After another lengthy talk she learned that the child was born and taken in by the lover .Then she wondered could Darren be the child she lost to her death.As he seemed to be the appropriate age . She went to look for Darren outside she found him cowering in a corner getting soaked from the rain in distress. She asks what's the matter why are you out here in this cold damp you'll catch your death come back inside. She tries to usher him up but it's no use he won't budge. Now Darren what is it why don't you want to come back inside. He shutters in cold after 5 minutes he tells her the truth. I heard you talk to the Clerk about that ghost .She replies yes what about the ghost ? She She's my mother I'm the child the clerk spoke of I was raised by my father a single parent. She reacts Ah so his wife left him after your birth ? Darren reacts saying No my father told me it was before that she found out he had a lover and left him took all his kids except for me away she felt he should have to deal with me alone being an Illegitimate bastard child. But that's not what has me bothered you see when I was about 20 my father came clean about my mother and told me what he had done she did not hang herself she was murdered not by him he claimed but I've never believed that he said that a friend had seen them arguing and intervened he had hit my mum then when they realized she was dead my dad wanted to call the ambulance but his friend thought other wise so he forced my dad to help him hang her from the ceiling board . After that he had never set foot in here nor did he ever talk about it . He only spoke to me about it on his death bed.

And you've been carrying that guilt ever since & that's why you've been acting so strangely.
It's not your fault for what happened to your mum you had no idea . He replies I know but its still so hard know that my mum was murdered an my father got away with it .

Come lets get out of this rain before we both catch our own deaths as it finally lets up enough for they're train ride she finally is able to coax him up they go inside just when the clerk says The train is arriving now at 6 am Thank god .

Well looks like at least the lady ghost mystery is solved . He nods in agreement they both get they're bags head for the train He says to her I hope our train ride is less eventful. She replies I hope so too .They board & the train leaves for they're destination .