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11-Jul-10 4:13pm 10,000 Completed long synopsis and several more chapters 27,500
12-Apr-10 9:33pm 2,000 I've done some charting to help this seat of the pants writer stay organized on along the journey of this book which spans many locations. I've done some revising and some new writing. 17,500
18-Feb-10 9:27pm 500 Adding "my voice" to enhance my first three chapters. 15,500
7-Feb-10 2:04pm 3,000 Working on chapter about the survey team passing through Ute Reservation. Danger!

Also, polishing up the first three chapters for two contest entries I'm planning to submit by April 1st.
1-Feb-10 8:53pm 3,000 More research. Making progress with additional scenes. Some backplotting. 12,000
16-Jan-10 6:14am 1,500 Second chapter nearly complete! 9,000
16-Jan-10 12:15am 1,500 My stagecoach chapter was loads of fun!! Now I'm working on chapter 2 and trying to rescue my hero. Still researching and working out logistics and historical details. 7,500
15-Jan-10 12:53am 1,000 I did some big edits and revisions and also completed chapter 3 today. Chapter 2 next. It seems like I'm going backward, but I'm actually progressing! More research done, too. Things are coming together. 6,000
12-Jan-10 1:22pm 1,000 I finally found my first chapter and I think I'm off to a good start. I've written quite a few misc. scenes. 5,000
11-Jan-10 8:39pm 1,000 Added another 500 words today. I'm working out the first chapter and now have a sense of how the story is going to end. I might change the title. Not sure yet. 4,000
10-Jan-10 11:19pm 1,000 Worked on first scene today. I started at an earlier point than I previously thought I would. I think this will be a good hook and be the inciting incident for the hero and heroine. 3,000
9-Jan-10 5:03pm 2,000 I've don a lot of research and have settled on the premise and created the primary characters. I have a few good chapters down. 2,000
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Shadows and Light one book in a 3 book set about romance in the Four Corners (CO,UT,AZ,NM). This historical romance is set in 1875.

A daring young woman aims to make her mark by joining her father as his photography assistant on an expedition to survey and document the placement of a marker at the intersection of four southwest boundaries. Living in the shadows of his native heritage, half-Navajo guide embarks on his own journey eager to earn recognition as a travel journalist, but is thrown off course when the
shadow catcher's daughter opens up the uncharted territory of his heart. As they travel through the dangerous terrain of Colorado’s southwest boundary through northeast New Mexico territory, barriers of culture, faith, and ideals confluence until they discover the common ground that urges them to stake a chance on love.