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English Paper
During September of 2000, Jesse James Hollywood had left the United States after the murder of Nick Markowitz. In 2007 he was caught at the mall where he planned to meet up with his cousin in Asuncion, Paraguay. He was then brought back to America for a trial by jury. It all started in Pomona, California. Jesse James Hollywood, Jake Markowitz, Jesse Rugge, and Elvis had all been on the same baseball team. They were all innocent boys and all best friends. Then by 1999, they all got into the business of drug trafficking. Jesse James Hollywood was the main guy who sold the marijuana. Jake Markowitz had ordered a supply of marijuana, but didn’t have enough money to pay the order in full, Hollywood consistently threatened Jake to pay up, but Jake never did.
One day when Hollywood, Jesse Rugge, and another friend of Hollywood’s were driving in Pomona to go get Jake, they instead saw Jake’s younger brother Nick Markowitz walking down the street. Once they saw Nick, they immediately stopped the car, got out, and beat up Nick. A female witness said that they beat the boy so violently that she was too scared to do anything. After beating Nick, Hollywood and Rugge threw Nick into the car and drove him to Rugge’s house. In the car, they told Nick that if he said anything, then they would break his teeth. Nick spent the night at Rugge’s house. The next morning, Nick and Rugge had to take care of Rugge’s marijuana plantation in the backyard. That night Rugge and Nick went to a party. While Nick was there, he befriended with and older girl. After that Rugge and Hollywood exploited Nick to drugs, alcohol, and sex claiming that Nick was one of their friends. While Nick and Rugge were at the party, Hollywood, Hollywood’s girlfriend, and Elvis were at Outback Steakhouse for Hollywood’s girlfriend’s birthday.
Elvis had owed money to Hollywood, so Elvis tried to suck up as much as he could; Finally, Hollywood told Elvis that he wouldn’t have to pay anything if he murdered Nick Markowitz. Hollywood thought that this was the only way he wouldn’t end up spending time in prison. Elvis agreed to do as follows, so Elvis went to Rugge’s party, nobody knew how Elvis met Nick that night. Rugge was against the idea because he began to like Nick, but Rugge had no choice because of the power Hollywood had over him.
After the party, Elvis, Rugge, and Nick drove to a grave that they dug in the mountains to murder Nick at. When they arrived, Nick started getting really worried, but Rugge tried to calm him down. Then Rugge put duct tape around Nick’s mouth and hands. Then Elvis hit the back of Nick’s head with a shovel and Nick fell into the grave. Elvis then shot Nick nine times with a Tec 9. They then buried the body and hid the Tec 9 between Nick’s legs.
Three days later, Elvis was caught and was put on death row for 1st degree murder. Jesse Rugge was caught and given a life sentence for aggravated kidnapping. Jesse James Hollywood escaped from North America. He was hiding for seven years as an English teacher. He had either a pregnant wife or a wife with a child already. He most likely received money from his father. He was then found in Asuncion, Paraguay and taken back to the United States for a trial by jury. If he is found guilty, he would receive the death penalty.