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A slipstream (no-genre-in-particular) novel by the one and only D. S. Knight

Madames Garlic, Vervain and Rue have all lost their husbands to the Syndicate of the Moon-a mob of terrible influence on the planet-moon Aristonia- and as a result, retired to the small town of Bernadine on the planet Porthos-or so everyone thinks, until a spaceship lands in the square with a messenger calling them to arms on the planet's forth moon, Agrippa. It is then that the residents of Bernadine realize just how important the three old ladies are, as the ship and messenger belong to the ubiquitous Ladies of Herb Lore Inc.-a society of wisewomen, who not only specialize in herb lore, but in the arts of assasinry and revenge.

Follow Whilemena Garlic, Acacia Rue and Felicity Vervain as they and their friends at the society hunt down a genetically modified vampire set loos by the Syndicate, and in the process learn that the only way to love to hate first.