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6-Aug-14 8:40am 1,540 god i've been gone for so long i forgot the characterization for daniel thank god i still have copious ridiculous notes for this book 17,769
20-Feb-14 5:27am 413 bleh 16,229
19-Feb-14 9:52am 1,298 15,816
19-Feb-14 9:09am 1,044 NOW They're getting into the hotel yeesh 14,518
19-Feb-14 6:22am 1,065 i don't know if i'm shipping lachlan and amanda or just really loving their relationship here 13,474
19-Feb-14 3:25am 1,170 bye bye creepy karl 12,409
17-Feb-14 8:58am 1,366 finally out of that creepy cab way to go amanda 11,239
17-Feb-14 8:19am 904 come on here we go come on 9,873
17-Feb-14 4:42am 1,005 i keep saying 'bedamned' a lot. yeesh amanda, i know he's creepy but learn to vary a bit will you? 8,969
13-Feb-14 8:48am 878 7,964
13-Feb-14 7:48am 721 7,086
13-Feb-14 7:21am 807 6,365
13-Feb-14 6:42am 1,004 5,558
12-Feb-14 10:43pm 782 4,554
12-Feb-14 5:51am 124 AUGH 3,772
12-Feb-14 4:24am 531 come on amanda, you can do it. 3,648
12-Feb-14 3:45am 649 Amanda needs to cheer the fuck up 3,117
12-Feb-14 1:01am 756 God it's been so long. I really need to do this on a daily basis. 2,468
25-Jan-14 1:12am 1,712 1,712
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It was a wonderful party. Actors, drinks and music. But when Amanda woke up the next day, her sister had gone missing. Everything points back to the town of Liegen, the town they grew up in, where her sister's two best friends seem to be keeping secrets from the police, and more importantly from Amanda.

As Amanda follows her sister's rapidly cooling trail, she must contend with lies from her sister's youth and their own family's cloudy past. With all the truths and half truths and bald faced lies, she is steadily coming to terms with a single, inescapable fact.

It all lies at the end of the world.

[ ACT 2 ]
[N.b. Act 1 was Nano 2013]