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22-Jul-10 10:37pm 1,017 And it's completed. The first draft is done and I've reached my goal right on the nose! My first book I've written to 90,000 words. Let the revisions and editing BEGIN! 90,000
22-Jul-10 9:29am 3,027 88,983
21-Jul-10 8:00am 607 85,956
11-Jul-10 9:22pm 1,961 85,349
30-Jun-10 2:10pm 719 83,388
17-Jun-10 3:35pm 1,057 82,669
15-Jun-10 2:15pm 1,210 81,612
14-Jun-10 2:25pm 1,919 80,402
12-Jun-10 11:09am 454 78,483
8-Jun-10 8:51pm 382 Brand spankin' new Chapter One added, on recommendation of one of the judges from one of the contests I entered this in. Must say, it's a better start, helps roll into the original chap 1. 78,029
6-Jun-10 4:27pm 949 77,647
2-Jun-10 1:25pm 508 76,698
31-May-10 1:42pm 972 76,190
28-May-10 9:15am 870 75,218
26-May-10 9:49am 432 74,348
25-May-10 3:41pm 1,446 Success! I'm on the down hill slide! I just need to keep it going! 73,916
7-May-10 8:52am 1,618 72,470
5-May-10 11:50am 86 70,852
4-May-10 1:21pm 697 70,766
2-May-10 1:06pm 548 70,069
22-Apr-10 7:39pm 16,944 New way wasn't working right, went back and returned the whole 20,000+ words I cut out. We'll see what happens from here on out. 69,521
19-Apr-10 3:42pm 440 52,577
14-Apr-10 2:56pm 541 52,137
30-Mar-10 8:32am 523 Showdown between the sisters. Rachel is learning to have an adult like attitude toward Leah. 51,596
26-Mar-10 4:29pm 994 Story is coming along better. Decided to bring all the characters together now. Should be interesting to see where they take me from here. 51,073
25-Mar-10 1:15pm 589 Flowing much better. I know for sure I went off the path and what I'm writing now is the right one. 50,079
24-Mar-10 9:54am 226 49,490
23-Mar-10 9:04am 994 About 20,000 some words were cut, the plot wasn't working, it was horrible and I took out 3 months worth of work to start over from this point on. I think I have the kinks worked out and will try to work in the cut scenes. 49,264
1-Nov-09 6:28pm 564 48,270
1-Nov-09 6:46am 765 Here comes the boat, and here comes trouble! 47,706
20-Oct-09 12:40pm 804 New scenes developing. They're a bit stiff and short, was having some difficulty getting them to come to me. Two scenes in Ezra and Jesse's POVs. Need to flesh them more. Possibly go back to early part of book and bring in Jesse's history. 46,941
15-Oct-09 9:31am 887 Leah has a God moment. This one feels right unlike the last scene I tried to do. 46,137
13-Oct-09 11:09am 1,264 Rachel and Jesse back on the scene. Wrapped up the once scene with Leah. Onto an Ahaz scene and back to Leah, I think. 45,250
12-Oct-09 4:47pm 24 I actually wrote about 1,713 words today, but I didn't remove the ## from the scene I deleted. In the end I wrote 24 more words than I had since August. The story has finally freed up after writing 2 bad scenes. My new goal is to finish by the end of the year so I can get this off to the editors. But we'll see.
Leah has reached Kansas City and is waiting for the steamboat that her sister is on to arrive. She has no idea Rachel and Jesse have fled and are on foot trying to reach KC. Ezra is waiting in the wings. And Ahaz will have some say soon.
7-Oct-09 4:42pm 1 I had to delete an entire scene, it wasn't working and it didn't help me none. I'm a bit stuck on this story now that I'm back from the conference. I think it's too much going on. 43,962
21-Aug-09 12:41pm 664 43,961
13-Aug-09 1:12pm 400 Still Leah, having a God moment. 43,297
12-Aug-09 4:04pm 1,224 Okay, if I keep this up, I can have the majority of this book written before the conference. 42,897
12-Aug-09 8:04am 625 Added a bit more before bed. Back to Leah for a spell. 41,673
11-Aug-09 8:01pm 181 More revision/editing words in the 1st 3 Chapters. 41,048
10-Aug-09 1:51pm 234 These are revision/edits on the 1st 3 chapters. Trying to get it cleaned and polished enough for the ACFW conference. 40,867
6-Aug-09 2:59pm 453 Past the half-way point word-count wise. Rachel and Jesse still center stage. 40,633
5-Aug-09 4:41pm 2,684 What an intense scene between Jesse and Rachel and Ahaz! Phew, that was fun! 40,180
4-Aug-09 9:33am 245 Leah and Ezra have parted ways for the moment. But she won't get far. Jesse has to find a way out of his problem. 37,496
4-Aug-09 8:05am 459 Looks like Jesse and Rachel will be the stars for a bit. 37,251
27-Jul-09 10:40am 784 Still going strong, I hope. Want to pound out about 1,500 or more on this. We'll see. 36,792
26-Jul-09 10:38am 407 Finally worked out the kinks and found out what was making me stuck on this. I'm back in the groove. 36,008
13-Jul-09 12:08pm 568 I'm struggling with this scene. Normally individual scenes come to me easily, but it's taken almost 2 weeks to write this one and I'm not sure if it's the right time or place for it. Real tempted to cut it out and save it in my cut scenes folder and take a different approach. I'm a crossroads here. 35,601
8-Jul-09 1:22pm 401 35,033
1-Jul-09 10:07am 276 34,632
17-Jun-09 10:16am 2,086 I should really write more in the morning, before I turn on the Mac and get hooked on e-mail and playing around on the internet. I've surpassed my weekly word count of 2,500 words. I'm aiming for 35,000+ words this week, might get more than that. More than made up for the lack of work last week. 34,356
15-Jun-09 3:35pm 869 32,270
10-Jun-09 3:38pm 1,156 Woohoo! Got a baby-sitter and went to my local coffee place and wrote for 3 hours. 31,401
8-Jun-09 12:31pm 709 30,245
4-Jun-09 5:29pm 976 29,536
3-Jun-09 3:21pm 765 Oh, I've passed my 2,500 weekly goal in 3 days. If I keep this up, I'll have the book done. Just hoping the plot works out for me and the story flows. Not too mention, the characters are at their best. 28,560
2-Jun-09 2:02pm 793 Yesterday started my BIAW goal of writing at least 2,500 words a week. I'm trying to finish this book by sometime in July so I can revise and then pitch it at the ACFW conference in Sept. So, far, so good. I hoped to write at least 420 words a day for 6 days. Finding that when I actually sit down and write, I can write. 27,795
1-Jun-09 3:17pm 1,130 27,002
29-May-09 1:59pm 1,891 25,872
28-May-09 6:28pm 1,165 23,981
24-May-09 1:26pm 592 22,816
22-May-09 2:17pm 598 22,224
21-May-09 8:01am 625 21,626
16-May-09 7:40pm 874 21,001
15-May-09 2:06pm 830 Oh yeah! Made 20,000 words this week. Unbelievable. I love this story. Really hoping I can keep he momentum going. 20,127
14-May-09 2:27pm 1,300 19,297
12-May-09 1:30pm 785 17,997
11-May-09 7:16am 1,506 17,212
9-May-09 6:37pm 801 15,706
7-May-09 1:23pm 705 14,905
6-May-09 6:07pm 1,038 14,200
30-Apr-09 2:18pm 749 13,162
29-Apr-09 8:19am 360 12,413
28-Apr-09 8:06am 856 12,053
27-Apr-09 11:49am 2,647 11,197
24-Apr-09 9:44am 269 8,550
22-Apr-09 10:56am 613 8,281
18-Apr-09 2:19pm 502 Written on the way to Veisha and while we were at Hickory Park. I hated how I ended one scene and deleted quite a bit of it, then came up with a better way to wrap it up. The next scene with the hero is giving me fits tho. 7,668
14-Apr-09 12:51pm 709 More to come, pausing to give my back a break. 7,166
8-Apr-09 1:44pm 872 6,457
7-Apr-09 7:36am 99 5,585
6-Apr-09 11:52am 891 5,486
5-Apr-09 10:10am 1,048 4,595
2-Apr-09 8:13am 493 It's coming to me, slow but surely. Had to spend most of the afternoon writing up backstory on the H/h. 3,547
31-Mar-09 6:09pm 290 Stalling big time on this. Wonder if my current scene is the reason, or that I'm a fish out of water in writing a historical. 3,054
30-Mar-09 11:05am 1,264 2,764
27-Mar-09 6:56am 1,500 1,500
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Two women on the run from the men who killed their parents for a secret their father hid. A riverboat gambler looking for redemption from mistakes that cost him everything. A rancher searching for a reason to love again. Four people hurting, will they allow God to heal their wounds and find love?