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The vision of the little red haired angel that fled at the sight of him, made his heart contract. She reminded him of how long he had been away, and of how things have changed since his absence.

He knew who the tyke's mother was, knew it too well, they both have those same vivid green eyes, and the same shade of hair color.

“Mommieeee.” Cried the little girl, and crashed into the waiting arms of a smiling Jean Grey. Her little voice echoed in the vast marbled entrance hall of the Mansion.

“Aw Rachel, baby... what is it?”

From underneath her bangs, the five year old girl flashed an accusing look in Logan's direction, just as Jean lifted her daughter off the ground. When Jean caught the direction of her daughter's gaze she simply laughed. “Did the dark hairy man scare you?”

Rachel stuck her chin up in the air when she answered. “Daddy doesn't like him.”

“Rachel that's not polite. That's your uncle Logan, and I'm sure he has a present for you.”

The five year old's green eyes appraised Logan suspiciously.

“Hey pun'kin.”

Logan approached mother and daughter. His hand moved over Rachel's head to stroke her hair. The little girl shook her head violently, her pigtails almost whipping Jean's face. She then buried her face in her mother's auburn mane.

“I'm sorry Logan, she's usually very social.”

“It's okay.” He said and eyed the hand splayed on Rachel's small back. A diamond ring and a gold band encircled Jean's ring finger. He had, almost like reflex, subtly checked Jean out the second he laid eyes on her. He was not in the least surprised that motherhood added a different kind of sensuality to her figure and her aura. Part of him always knew Jean would gracefully ease into motherhood, a change that could only awaken another part of her to fall in love with. God, how he envied Scott Summers.

His hazel eyes leveled to her gaze, and he smiled. “It's good to see you again.”

He caught a hint of a blush from Jean's cheeks. “Likewise. Planning on staying long?”

“We'll see.”

Jean was about to say something, when Rachel tugged her mother's hair. The little girl then peered into her mother's face with a scowl. She clearly disapproved of her mother conversing with the dark stranger.

Logan bit back a smile, little Rachel was proving to be a hellion. He started to wonder just how much grief she had caused Jean and Boy Scout when she turned two.

“Rachel,” Jean's voice took on a warning tone.

The five year old's expression didn't change. The grip on her mother's hair only tightened.


Boy Scout reached the final steps of the ancient oak stairs. Face as stoic as Logan last remembered, he wonders if a diamond will come out of his ass if he sticks a piece of coal up there.

“Daddy!” Unmistakable enthusiasm colored Rachel's voice. And she twisted her little body so that both her arms were outstretched towards Scott. Her tiny hands closing and opening like butterfly wings, impatiently anticipating her father's arms.

Scott took Rachel from Jean and her small arms clung tightly around the younger man's neck. Her little legs wrapped around his torso, as if she hadn't seen her father in a month. Scott's left arm braced his daughter while he settled his other hand on Jean's hip.

“So are you back for good?” His voice was still formal and somewhat aloof.

“Still not sure, about that. I actually came here for help in locating something.”

“We're always glad to be of help one way or another.”

Rachel's head twisted from Scott's neck, and when she caught Logan's eye, she stuck out her tongue at him and quickly hid back her face.

Logan raised an eyebrow at that, oh yeah paternity test aside that kid was definitely Summers'. She may look like a younger version of Jean but underneath, she simmered with the same dislike Boy Scout felt towards him. He just didn't think of it, up till that moment, as something that could actually be inherited. Suddenly an amusing thought struck him, should he have kids of his own, would they too - by genetic dictates, share the same dislike for Scott Summers and his descendants?

“Your old room is ready by the way. We'll let you settle in, and we can all catch up later.” Jean said.

“Fine by me.”

"Oh, and Logan," Jean said, as he walked past them. "Welcome back."

He smiled, and proceeded up the stairs.

Settling in was immediately scratched. Logan had just dropped his rucksack on the floor, when the rest of the Mansion's welcoming committee crowded into his room.

"Wolfie!" And a whirl of Asian woman, bounded into the room and crashed into his arms. Jubilation Lee, already a woman of twenty one, shamelessly regressed to a squealing teen around Logan.

"Jubes! How are ya?" He took a lock to Jubilee's hair in is fingers, and smiled. "I see you decided to grow yer hair a little longer."

She stepped away, and flipped her now shoulder length hair in mock show. "You like? I think makes me look all girlie."

Before he could answer, Rogue and Kitty entered his room as well.

"Logan," Rogue hugged him warmly. And Kitty did the same.

"Ah my favorite girls are all here."

"Not girls anymore uncle Logan." Kitty beamed.

She was right of course, they were now all grown up, but to him they would always be the teenagers he had known. Again he felt his heart contract at the thought. He had been away for far too long. He made a silent vow, to never drop off the grid the way he did.

“Did you notice anything about Marie over there?” Jubilee tossed herself on the bed, pulled up her legs and sat cross legged.
Logan threw a glance in Marie's direction. Aside from the shorter hair, he really didn't notice anything – wait, no gloves.
“You learned to control your powers.”
Jubilee rolled her eyes. “She's shamelessly flaunting skin, but controlling her powers... uhmm close enough.”
Marie made a face at Jubilee. “That's because I've been dressed like a monk for winter for the better part of my youth.”
“Yes you always play this card, but you didn't have to go all Daisy Duke yesterday at the welcoming party.”
“My shorts weren't that short.”
“Nine year olds were having impure thoughts Rogue, nine year olds.”
Logan could feel a headache coming on.
“You're the only one whose complaining about how I'm dressing.”
“Or lack there of.”
“Whoa.” Kitty stepped in front of Marie, who made a move in Jubilee's direction.
Who were they kidding? They were still the same teens underneath, some things just don't change. They almost had him fooled – almost.

As Kitty played peace maker, Bobby Drake's head popped inside Logan's room. He opened his mouth to say something, but decided abruptly to scratch it.
Logan exited the room.
"Ice man," He said.
"Logan, hey. I was looking for Rogue, but she looks like she's busy. I'll come back later."
"Yeah, so when has it been like that?" Logan meant the unexpected flares of quarrels that arose between Jubilee and Marie.
"Logan, they've always been like that. Jubilee motor mouths, Marie flares up then Kitty plays peace maker. Then they start apologizing to one another, all tears and snot about being best friends forever."
Logan looked at Bobby oddly. "This is the first time I've actually seen this."
"You haven't stuck around long enough to catch one of those, honestly its not something I'd like to stick around for." Bobby laughed.
"So uh, you teaching here as well?"
"Yes for the time being, teaching math actually. I'm also planning to join the X-men, so it's kind of required to be in house for that sort of thing."
"Yeah," Logan nodded.