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26-Aug-08 2:03pm 1,972 Is it wrong to have a crush on one of your own characters? Hmmm? :) 16,271
25-Aug-08 4:08pm 1,010 Oh, god. Poor Lily! 14,299
20-Aug-08 7:26pm 5,915 ZOMG. I'm tired. 13,289
19-Aug-08 1:13pm 1,399 Hurrah! 7,374
19-Aug-08 11:18am 1,350 Feeling much more certain today of where to begin. The addition of a new character balanced things out beautifully, and I think I understand where the story will take me now. I'm eager to get on with it, but this foundation needs to be laid before I can get to the really juicy, historical stuff. I will be writing more today. I hope to end the day with 7500 words. 5,975
18-Aug-08 1:03pm 2,087 I feel like I'm still taking notes, even though I'm actually writing. It's going to gel soon. I can feel it. But right now, it's feeling very slippery. 4,625
17-Aug-08 11:48am 716 While I suspect most of the first dozen or so paragraphs will never make it into the actual book, I view this as a jumping off point. I wouldn't say it's going swimmingly. I'd say I'm dog paddling. Occasionally tucking up into the jelly fish. Trying not to drown... 2,538
15-Aug-08 2:31pm 1,822 First day of actual writing after two weeks of research and note taking. 1,822
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The Hungry Man is not your mother's vampire novel. Begun in earnest on August 15, 2008. Goal end date is August 15, 2009.