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8-Aug-09 8:04pm 244 13,878
6-Aug-09 9:00pm 106 13,634
5-Aug-09 9:31pm 127 13,528
3-Aug-09 9:37pm 164 13,401
30-Jul-09 1:12pm 123 13,237
20-Jul-09 2:59pm 77 13,114
9-Apr-09 9:49pm 88 13,037
7-Apr-09 1:35pm 109 12,949
4-Apr-09 4:30pm 432 12,840
24-Mar-09 10:07pm 226 12,408
23-Mar-09 8:59am 330 12,182
22-Mar-09 11:34am 364 Unfortunately, this is actually several days worth of word count instead of just one. 11,852
2-Mar-09 10:10pm 371 I've started working on Chapter 4. I stayed home today and really should have gotten a lot more words down, but I guess this is at least a start. 11,488
26-Feb-09 3:35pm 649 Almost done with Chapter Three! 11,117
24-Feb-09 3:42pm 463 10,468
13-Feb-09 3:41pm 170 I'm still only on the first scene in Chapter 3 but I'm feeling encouraged as I've been able to get at least a little bit of writing done every day this week. 10,005
12-Feb-09 3:39pm 183 9,835
11-Feb-09 3:48pm 377 9,652
29-Jan-09 3:32pm 443 9,275
28-Jan-09 8:39am 108 Finally finsihed editing chapter 2 and started working on chapter 3 8,832
6-Nov-08 11:19am 539 I finished Chapter Two! Finally! 8,724
3-Nov-08 10:31am 255 Almost there! 8,185
2-Nov-08 12:57pm 157 Got a little bit of writing done at home. Didn't get Chapter Two done like I'd hope but I am still very close. 7,930
30-Oct-08 10:27pm 303 I'm so close to finally finishing this second chapter. I have a lot to do this weekend but I'm going to really try and get it completed. 7,773
29-Oct-08 4:34pm 124 7,470
23-Oct-08 3:35pm 345 Made some progress last night and am in the middle of the attack scene. 7,346
3-Oct-08 4:41pm 237 Got some writing done at work again. I keep getting distracted by the web which is soooo bad for making writing progress. I've got find a way to make myself more disciplined. 7,001
1-Oct-08 10:11am 78 Not much done today but did get a bit more character development done. 6,764
30-Sep-08 8:37pm 540 This is not actually from one sit down of writing, but from several times. I just got a little lazy and didn't record my word count. Still on chapter two but coming up to a fight scene. 6,686
11-Aug-08 10:25pm 383 I'm working on daniel and Baldev's introduction right now. 6,146
17-Jun-08 9:36pm 112 5,763
17-Jun-08 4:45pm 147 Wrote more at work today. I decided to stop the scene when Reaghan realizes how surrounded they are. I'm going to make the next scene with Daniel and his companion who I still have not fleshed out at all. 5,651
12-Jun-08 2:42pm 113 Got a little down while at lunch. 5,504
10-Jun-08 10:54am 140 Snuck in a little bit of writing at work. It's not much and doesn't hit my goal but I still feel some accomplishment getting something down. I guess I should have been working though.... :) 5,391
1-Jun-08 12:43pm 196 I'm still working on the attack scene in chapter 2. I've just introduced Jansee and am starting to describe him. Description is always so hard for me! 5,251
15-May-08 12:00pm 198 Probably shouldn't have but wrote more of the story while at work. It's been very slow and I have to take advantage of whatever time I can get. The girls are making writing at home so difficult. 5,055
17-Apr-08 7:52am 402 Almost made my word count this morning. Yay! 4,857
16-Apr-08 10:22pm 204 Yay! The girls are with their dad and I got to do some more writing. I left off tonight right before they get jumped by the werecreatures. That should give me a good starting point tomorrow. 4,455
15-Apr-08 6:23pm 172 Woke up way too early and couldn't go back to sleep so figured I would write a little. Didn't make goal but I've got the scene heading towards the confrontation with the were creatures. 4,251
4-Apr-08 10:37am 300 4,079
21-Jan-08 8:06pm 702 I finally finished the bar scene and briefly introduced Daniel. That was a big relief to get that done. It felt like it took forever! 3,779
15-Jan-08 6:38pm 465 3,077
13-Jan-08 9:22pm 530 I was doubting that I'd actually be able to get 500 words down today. I finally came up with a better plot line and got a lot of character development done on Daniel. 2,612
12-Jan-08 8:42pm 640 2,082
1-Jan-08 8:41pm 1,442 1,442
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I've just started this story and don't have more than a vague notion of where I'm going with it. This being a new year, I've made the resolution to write at least 500 words a day. That doesn't seem like much, but with the girls only leaving me a couple of minutes a day to myself that's about all I can spare. Hopefully, I'll be able to add more in.