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26-Apr-17 1:25am -71 Just some tweaks. Seem to have lost a few words. Would be good to have the intro chapter in a complete-ish form before the end of the week. 6,105
25-Apr-17 12:30pm 310 6,176
25-Apr-17 11:45am 1,127 started drafting the Tile factory section 5,866
23-Apr-17 4:35pm -181 Have cut a few paras. Not Auschwitz section is finished (just a couple of refs needed) 4,739
23-Apr-17 12:35pm 180 Just some details about Struthof 4,920
21-Apr-17 3:55am 369 Not progressed with the argument but just added more tweaks and citations to the 'not Auschwitz' section. Am in danger of this becoming too long and also being confused between the history and the memorial. Also think it might be the best place to explain historical confusion about what 'concentration camps' actually were/are. 4,740
20-Apr-17 3:50pm 242 4,371
20-Apr-17 1:40pm 512 Just giving the Intro chapter some form and filling in references. 4,129
20-Apr-17 11:35am 329 Just some tweaks 3,617
20-Apr-17 2:15am 97 3,288
20-Apr-17 1:35am -222 Have cut some stuff about Deleuze and 'series'. Need to avoid over-citation especially of unsubstantiated concepts 3,191
19-Apr-17 5:00pm 1,784 Possibly a lot of this is guff but have started to think about other sections and how to articulate the aims of the book 3,413
19-Apr-17 12:15pm 268 Have added a new section before the old section 1. I'm putting some of the cuts in there but still developing it. 1,629
18-Apr-17 4:15pm 896 Have completed the first main section of the Introduction. There were a lot of ideas I cut which I may be able to develop elsewhere in the chapter 1,361
18-Apr-17 8:05am 465 Have drafted intro to the Introduction. Now working on first main section of the Introduction. 465
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